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Charles & Darwish Associates (CDA) Accounting & Bookkeeping LLC is a team of Big 4 Experienced professionals who offers a wide range of services in the business field as per the needs and demands of the customers. Either in Auditing or CFO services, CDA brings your expectation into another level and gets ultimate result for your company as we are fully occupied with a team of young and energetic professionals, skilled and passionate crusaders who are dedicated to their profession and to our clients.

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Charles & Darwish Associates (CDA) Accounting & Bookkeeping LLC is a team of Big 4 Experienced professionals who offers a wide range of services in the business field as per the needs and demands of the customers. Either in Auditing or CFO services, CDA brings your expectation into another level and gets ultimate result for your company as we are fully occupied with a team of young and energetic professionals, skilled and passionate crusaders who are dedicated to their profession and to our clients.

CDA is adamant in keeping the Confidentiality and Veracity of its clients, the reason that makes CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC pop up when you search for the best accounting & bookkeeping services near you. CDA also avowals one of the top Customer Retention Rates among the Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms in Dubai and UAE.

CDA is a group of talented and accomplished champions who are proficient in delivering different services mentioned below in Accounting & Bookkeeping here in all over UAE.


Every business organization is required to have authentic insights from professionals who understand a comprehensive idea of finance management. It may be unfeasible and unwise for an organization to set up a finance department within in this fast-developing and competing for phase of time. To overcome this phase, it is advisable to choose an outsourced service provider who employs the best minds, the best strategy and gains the best results at the end which saves your time and brings reputation to your company.

CDA provides Business Advisory Services or CFO Services that are augmented for different needs from various customer-bases through a batch of well qualified and well-experienced professionals who are committed to their duties. We offer Cost-Benefit Analyses, Cash-flow Management, IFRS Impact Assessment, and other relevant services and help you to prioritize your stratagems, scrutinize the important processes and enhance the profitability of your company in the long run. 

Cost-Benefit Analyses can be done department wise or location-wise, and it helps every organization to know where their company stands and helps in proper decision making. 

Efficient Cash flow management in the cash inflows and cash outflows helps a company to properly estimate the strength of the cash in hand and ensures the smooth functioning of the affairs of the company and its existence in the market in the competitive UAE economy.

The IFRS Impact Assessment helps every company the effect of new IFRS standards and its application in financial statements. how this will affect the Profitability of periodical reports. 

If you have decided to bring positive changes in your company and business procedures, the CFO services from CDA will assist you for a long period of time.


 Dubai is pumped with many outsourcing accounting firms because of its leniency in-laws and favourable ecosystem. But, it’s a matter of question who is reliable and who excels in delivering Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping services customer friendly. CDA is an exception to this dilemma. Our bookkeeping and accounting services in Dubai have been designed in such a way that organizations can have peace of mind. As a business owner, you can keep away your worries about the administrative burdens or the legalities. While the CDA team takes care of the legality and technical aspects of accounting & bookkeeping, your business can focus on the core activities, saving a lot of time and a lot of resources as well. 

 CDA’s Management Accounting and Bookkeeping Services are entirely lithe and expand over Outsourced Accounting Services in Dubai, Bookkeeping Services, Accounting & Financial Reporting, Updating Backlog Accounts, and many more. So, every organization can find a strategy that suits their needs. Outsourcing this task also provides the benefit of having a number of professionals who work towards transparent account books. Since the CDA team consists of professionals who have decades of experience in Dubai-based accounting & auditing tasks and in-depth knowledge in Accounting & Auditing standards, there is no need to worry about unwanted troubles. Setting up a steadfast department inside your organization may be costly, so outsourcing these services would be cost-effective. CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC also promise other benefits such as cost-effectiveness and financial discipline for your company.


The Internal Audit and External Audit of your organization upsurge the competence of operations, empower consistent reporting of financial statements, comply with the various regulations set by the government of Dubai and offer transparency and security for your resources, employees, and stakeholders. An Internal audit ensures that the risk management, internal control processes and the governance of the organization are functioning efficiently. It identifies the current weaknesses and enables the company to anticipate potential future issues. The external audit is an insight into the financial investments and loan structure of the company to identify any irregularities and checks the precision of the statements and the financial position of the company. An external auditor looks into the financial investments and loan structure to identify any irregularities. Since an external auditor is an expert and independent third party and performs a dispassionate review of the financial records of a certain company, it increases the credibility and cash flow of the same company. 

The best strategist adds value. Here, CDA helps you with the best Business Strategies and with Setting up of Internal Control Procedure, Organizational Restructure, Segregation of duties and better Cashflow Management for your company.


The UAE government has implemented Value Added Tax Laws and Regulations operative from 1st of January, 2018. The new law proposals a bunch of advantages for the business owner; at the same time, it has some latent challenges also. If your organization’s turnover exceeds AED 375,000, it’s mandatory that you should register for VAT. We offer varied and value-added services to our clients, like VAT Filing, VAT Training, VAT Input on company profit, etc. Value Added Tax is not a loss for the company as it is paid by the end customer. Though there are some misapprehensions about the system, businesses can increase the cash flow if they strategize and implement VAT procedures accurately.


The development of the world is now based on Artificial Intelligence. Human intelligence has already been replaced with Artificial Intelligence where work is completed within no time. Implementation of the best Accounting software and the knowledge for its operation are some added advantages in the long run of the accounting experience of a business. Your insufficient knowledge may lead to chaos and your lack of technological competency may pull you back from the progressive wheel of your business. Here is the advantage of CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC who will help you set up ERP and will advise you whether your company needs a Cloud-based accounting or Desktop version. 


CDA offers you the Due diligence service when you plan to expand your infrastructure, invest in another zone or acquire another business. Be it in Strategic Due Diligence, Financial & Accounting Due Diligence, Legal & Tax Due Diligence or any other diligence service, we offer the best amenity.

CDA can provide the best diligence and valuation services through our well-experienced professionals, including auditors, financial analysts, CFOs, accountants, and experts who are in the domain of management and consulting using various tools for assessment


Considering all these facts, it is clear that CDA will be the first choice for you in the field of Business advisory services all over UAE. Our team is a pack of experts who understands the need of the time and champions the best result for your business to make it gallop. The team consists of Top-Class Companies’ experienced professionals including the Big 4. They are well good at Accounting & Auditing standards with thorough knowledge in the latest IFRS updates. CDA’s well energetic, high professional and qualified staff make our CFO services well accepted, and selected by the Top-class companies in Dubai and overall the UAE as well. 


When it comes to Accounting & Auditing, CDA has its uniqueness, professionalism, move over ease of access, and on all call availability when clients stuck in decision making. Our well experienced and qualified team is a final solution for all Accounting & Audit needs. CDA understands various legal issues and addresses the compliance requirements in the whole ordeal. CDA’s credit rests in the timely planning and proper execution of the task that help any business organization to improve within a specific time period. We are obdurate in keeping the confidentiality of the business data and promise a result-oriented approach.

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