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Business Valuation Services in Dubai, UAE

CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC offers business valuation services in Dubai, UAE to help you understand the worth of your company. Measuring the key aspects such as market, assets, liabilities, management, etc., CDA evaluates your business and supports you in important decision-making to ascertain excellent benefits. We provide reliable and comprehensive business valuation services across the UAE, helping people know the real value of their business and to achieve their goals in a systematic manner. 

business valuation services in dubai

Valuation of Business

Business Valuation is the process of determining the current value of a business, taking into consideration various factors like assets, liabilities, income, management and the location that the company holds. 

Determining the value is essential for the company as well as for its stakeholders as it can help you in making important decisions. It requires a high-level financial analysis that is to be conducted by a qualified valuation professional with the appropriate authorizations. 

Basically, a company is priced on the basis of its market value. Wide-Ranging valuation analysis and the valuation report done by a valuation professional will ascertain significant benefits, which may be lost if the business owner goes for a low-cost valuation. These benefits help business owners get a better price, or reduce the financial risk of the management in litigation or other events.

Business Valuation Approaches: -

To accomplish perfection business valuation services, CDA adopts effective tools and strategies. The various approaches we adopt for business valuation in Dubai are mentioned below:

  • Asset-based valuation

The asset-based valuation considers the basic business assets in order to estimate the value of the overall business enterprise. This technique is good for corporations, but it will be challenging if applied to a sole proprietorship, because, since the assets belong to the same owner, it will be difficult to separate the same for personal use and business purposes. 

  • Market-based valuation

Under the Market-based valuation, the marketplace is considered for the business value. It compares the value of one’s business to another similar business which is sold recently.

  • Income-based valuation

The Income-based valuation method is based on the economic principle of expectation to determine the value of a business, i.e. the real value of a business lies in building wealth for the future. Based on this fact, an evaluator ascertains the upcoming cash flow by examining the records and also assesses the upcoming financial risk.

All these approaches may bring different estimates of value for the same asset at the same time. If you want to know the real estimate, you have to use all these approaches to reach a final conclusion.

How Business Valuation Process Helps your Business Grow?

Getting the right business valuation process can help your business grow in several ways achieving maximum profitability. 

  • Improves the goodwill

Conducting a proper business valuation provides you with a clear picture of your business. It will help you increase the goodwill and assess the current value of your business according to the market environments.

  • Provides an upper hand over other business

Getting the exact value of your business helps you to have an upper-hand over other business at the time of merger or acquisition.

  • Attracts the investors

Business valuation shows the company’s value. A high value would eventually attract investors towards your business to a great extent and leverage the growth openings of your business.

  • Help take long term decisions

The value of your business will act as a decision-making tool, and it will help you make long-term decisions concerning your business expansion.

  • Helps company restructuring

The current valuation report provides the fundamental details of the company’s assets and liabilities. This will help you take the decision to restructure the company as and when required. 

  • Helps to build trust

Your company’s high value will help you build trust in the minds of the financial institutions and it will be easy for you to get loans from the market for future expansion.

Various Situations that Lead to the Valuation of Businesses

A Businesses valuation is done based on various reasons, of which some of the common reasons are discussed below: -

  • Funding or financing

An objective of your business will help you raise funds for your business while negotiating with banks.

  • Goodwill impairment

Goodwill impairment happens when the purchase value is greater than its implied fair value. A goodwill valuation will help you understand the impairment loss of the business.

  • Buy or sell contracts

A business valuation will make sure that you reach the right decision on whether to sell your business or grow your business through acquisition.

  • Mergers or purchases

At the time of buying or merging with another company, a business valuation will help you determine if the price you have to pay is a fair one or not.

  • Litigation and ownership disputes

If there is a court case against the value of the business, it will be settled by the court based on the valuation of the business.

  • Shareholder oppression cases

An independent valuation of the business is required for a fair settlement of ownership issues once any one of the owners decides to quit.

  • Reorganization and bankruptcies

A valuation report provides your company with certification that can assist with creditor negotiations and provide the basis for a financial restructuring plan at the time of bankruptcy.

  • Business planning

Your company’s location is a major factor when it comes to valuation because if you are in a prime location, it can be a major advantage for your business.

Tools used in Business Valuation

The value of your business is driven by management, assets and liabilities, income, location, etc. CDA adopts suitable tools and strategies to value your business to help you make informed decisions. Our various business valuation tools include:

1. Ratio analysis

Ratio analysis is the assessment of line items in the financial statements of a business. It includes GP Ratio, NP Ratio, ROI, Liquidity Ratio, etc.

2. Comparative financial ratio analysis

A comparative analysis allows company owners to compare their company's financial ratio information with that of a challenging company.

3. Analysis of going concern concept

The going concern concept is the hypothesis that an entity will remain in business for the predictable future.

CDA Business Valuation Services

Several actions and factors are to be considered in the execution of business valuation. The following are some of the general valuation procedures that we follow: - 

  • Know the purpose of the action
  • Review historical and forecasted information
  • Analyse balance sheets, income statements and cash flow 
  • Conduct meetings with management and discuss company history, operations, employees, customers and competitors and other relevant items
  • Analyse and compare company performance to similar businesses within the industry 
  • Assess the budgets, leases, sales contracts, purchase agreements, customer lists, local and national economies and management capabilities.
  • Know the client and the client’s use of the valuation
  • Fix the standard of value and its definition
  • Determine whether discounts and premiums are to be considered
  • Collect information about the industry and economy
  • Check all approaches of value and select the most appropriate method
  • Put into practice the approaches to value through the various methodologies
  • Ensure compliance with professional standards, if pertinent
  • Provide authentic and accurate reports for getting your financial decisions well-done.

Business Valuation process is not an easy task. When it comes to business valuation in Dubai, CDA conducts an in-depth analysis to get a total understanding of the industry, the business risks, cash flow expectations, and many other situations. So, it is always advisable that the business valuation process must be done by a valuation expert. CDA Business Valuation experts in Dubai can provide you with informed insights into the valuation process and help you to either sell the business for a worth price or take the right decision to invest in a worthy business.

CDA services cover a wide range of business services that includes CFO Services, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, Accounting Software services, Due Diligence Services, and Tax Filing & VAT Consultancy services, Audit Services in Dubai.

Any queries regarding business valuation in Dubai? Feel good to contact us. CDA is there for your assistance! 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Business Valuation in Dubai

If a businessman thinks of finding the price of his business, business valuation is the solution. With an equivalent goal, different approaches are followed to value a business. Business Valuation offers a far better understanding of your businesses’ assets. It helps to structure the audit and accounts processes. It also provides custom solutions to help clients to improve the business performance.

There is a mixture of attributes that business owners and their advisors should consider when hiring a business valuation firm. (1) Complexity of the business as credentials in business valuation represent only threshold requirements. (2) Solid capital market evidence to prevail just in case the valuation is scrutinized. (3) The power to supply well documented reports and support to the valuation team.

The business valuation is long, from 60 to 90 days after the service requirement is received from the client along with the sufficient documents.

No, even though the financial professionals use these terms interchangeably. Both terms, however, are opinions based on the comparison of data. The methods and tools used are similar with the aim to measure the financial health of the business.

The common circumstances under which business valuation is conducted are Merger & acquisition transactions, Business Succession & exit strategy planning, Business acquisition financing, Bankruptcy, solvency, and restructuring

Our price range is purely based on Specific project/Business on valuation, Timeline, Complexity of work, Skills required etc.

Yes, Since Ratio Analysis is based on historical data It helps to estimate the future of the company by believing the saying future is always the reflection of past unless there are major changes.

The impairment of an asset (accounts receivable, goodwill, fixed assets) is calculated as its projected future cash flows less than its current carrying value. The impairment occurs due to the Changes in legal factors and Changes in the asset’s market price (Due to demand or damages), Early disposal of assets. IFRS ensure the assets are impaired at amounts not in excess of their recoverable amounts.

Profitability analysis acts as a tool which indicates the management about the performance of each department. Therefore, the company can decide whether to continue or discontinue with the operations of the particular department.

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