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Auditing Services for Retail Companies in UAE

According to Dubai chamber’s financial survey, UAE’s retail sales are expected to be increased by 13% than the previous year. With store-based retail sales growth of 5.7% and non-store retail sales growth of 14.8%, the retail industry has laid its strong foundation in the global market. Along with technological advancements, retail business opportunities are booming day by day.

With advanced growth and business opportunities, with changing rules and regulations of trade, high demand for proper audit reports is also in need. With the wide options, it is necessary to figure out the right audit team needed for providing the best, validated, and standardized audit reports.

Significance of Getting the Right Auditing Services for Retail Companies

Auditing is important for any business as it provides credibility to the financial statements and gives the shareholders confidence that the accounts are true and fair. It will also improve the organization’s internal control and operational systems. The audit ensures that financial activities comply with regulatory authorities and accounting standards. Auditing shares an independent opinion to the stakeholders on the reliability and state of affairs in financial statements. With growing revenue in the retail industry, every retail company must find the right auditing team for an authentic report. The accredited and experienced auditors provide the best audit reports after a thorough review of the financial statements. It is recommended to avail the audit services from locally based professional firms who are conversant with the best audit practices.

CDA Auditing Services for Retail Companies 

Our much appreciate industrial value helps us in providing the finest auditing services for our clients. Our accredited auditors work towards in demonstrating standardized, validated, and authenticated financial reports. Our years of experience in auditing navigate us in exhibiting exceptional skills in risk mitigation. We perform the audits with great care and attentiveness, progressing to ensure the trust and expectations from the stakeholders involved in the business. We are happy to share the details of the excellent credentials that we own which is again evident from our growing customer base all across the UAE.

Features of CDA Auditing Services for Retail Companies in UAE


  • Our auditing experts make sure to demonstrate accurate and well defined financial reports and offer the prime proposal for business efficiency.
  • Our certified auditors verify the accounts of inventory thus analyze the implemented cost-control plans on expenses and asset management and does the rectifications if requires. 
  • Our auditors bring out accurate financial reports on the efficient organizational performance for the execution of better business decisions for organizational efficiency.
  • As an acclaimed member of the auditing community we identify, measure, investigate and interpret the financial information to produce sound information.
  • Our experienced auditors establish every necessary objective for internal control by figuring out and sorting out the gaps to deliver profitable solutions and stakeholder trust for the business. 
  • With our exceptional industry knowledge and advanced services in all business sectors, we work towards client contentment.


Retail Auditing Industry (FAQ)

Internal controls are the structures, activities, processes, and systems which help the management effectively to mitigate the risks for the organization’s achievement of objectives.

Risk is the possibility of an event occurring in the future that will have an impact on the achievement of business objectives.

Unless the auditor is engaged in an investigating audit, auditors are not specifically searching for the existence of Fraud.

An audit increases the value and credibility of the financial statements produced by management, thus increasing user confidence in the financial statement, Company can use the auditor's report to promote accountability for the managers and employees in the company.

The main purpose of auditing is to validate that the accounts have been prepared according to the principles of accounting and to see whether the financial statements are prepared to reflect a true and fair view of the business.

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