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Leading Auditing Services in RAK

CDA owns an experienced team of accounting and audit professionals who perform auditing services in compliance with the regulatory rules and laws of the Ras Al Khaimah
10+ Years, 300+ Projects

The experts of auditing to structure coherent business control systems through in-depth analysis and tracking of gaps, rectifying them, and providing cost-effective results.

The certified professionals in risk management to spot out, analyse and assess the risk severity to bring into control through the establishment of operative control procedures.

The expertise helps to address all the queries in time to deliver the foremost advice on auditing in RAK and all financial dilemmas.

Acclaimed members of auditing chambers to provide qualitative and validated reports of internationally acknowledged standards to bring out the best profitable business decisions

Our Service Sectors

The qualified professionals ensure to provide the financial reports of validated information for an accurate forecast of profit margin for constructing productive organizational goals.
Construction and MEP
The accredited specialists ensure to certify the inventory accounts for the application of cost-efficient internal controls on expenses and assets for the finest returns to the stakeholders
Event Management
The experienced professionals of auditing demonstrate the accounting reports on event wise in monitoring the efficiency of the Key performance indicators to verify the business turnover.
The upskilled auditors deliver the internationally accepted financial reports on organizational efficiency to the stakeholders and thus ensure apt business decisions for a sustainable business.
The acclaimed auditing members will ensure to submit the financial report of great value after a thorough examination of the inventories for better Return on Interest.
The experienced team of experts to present approved and authorised financial reports of the projects undertaken and to advise on the finest implementation of effective control on costs.
Oil and Gas
The highly proficient auditors in RAK submit the validated cost analysis reports and schemes to extract the finest economical projects for the business.
Real Estate
The accomplished auditors in RAK submit the verified financial reports of credit management, buying and selling for drawing out better control procedures over costs.
The team of experts will thoroughly, monitor and analyse the expenditures and incomes to set up efficient cost control strategies for a sustainable business.

What do people praise about CDA?

Nabil Yasin
Managing Partner - Al Nahdah National Insurance Brokers Co. LLC
When it comes to financial and accounting matters nobody can compete with him. I am sure that Charles & his team can satisfy all the clients as well. In my opinion he is very good in controlling cost & advising for better decision making. Such a hardworking and dedicated individual is just a reason why we love the whole experience from CDA.
Thomas Esow
Finace Director - Al Andalous Electromechanical Works Co. LLC
CDA is really great at completing works before deadline. At the same time, CDA gave us exceptional accuracy, highly responsive, highly professional and experts in IFRS & UAE VAT Laws. It’s also great to have reports and schedules that meet our requirements. Altogether, the services from CDA is worth having at any cost.
Shijo Joseph
Managing Director - Orchid Interiors
I am extremely pleased with the professionalism of the whole team at CDA especially Mr.Charles, the managing director. They have been the greatest addition to our management accounting by providing high levels of accuracy and work productivity and have made all our financial matters “The walk in the park” for us. It is really appreciated and highly recommended.
Gautam Mehta
Financial Controller - Tile Marine LLC.
I would say CDA is only value addition to any firm or person who intend keep the accounts maintained. CDA's approach to maintain accounts is very methodical. They have the experience, work ethics, and support staff who are ready to go that extra mile to get the work done. They are available 24*7, to fulfill management's requirement and produce easy to understand reports. I would personally recommend to outsource accounts to CDA, then to keep inhouse accountant.
Dania Zaibak.
Operational Manager. - Gas Care LLC
CDA team has the best service and support to our company Gas Care LLC. Charles and Job always supportive and helpful and makes our Auditing process much easier and smooth. They never ignore a call and always ready to help and clarify our concerns.

FAQs on Auditing Services in RAK

International Standards of Auditing are globally accepted and follow guidelines based on which audits are conducted across the world.

Audit risk refers to the possibility of a material misstatement going unnoticed and reported by an auditor either due to error, negligence, or fraud.

The same auditor cannot perform both external and internal audits of the same company due to the risk of compromising independence.

The different types of audit opinions are Unqualified opinion, Qualified opinion, Disclaimer of opinion, and Adverse opinion.

Audit materiality is generally determined as a percentage of a financial statement line item and it can vary based on the professional judgements of the auditor.

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