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Professional crypto tax consultants in Dubai to to minimize your tax liability

Get seamless crypto tax consulting services in Dubai from CDA, on all types of cryptocurrency users on opportunities to structure your operations for tax-efficiency, and reduce your taxes, simplifying your reporting.

Get tax devised on time and avoid penalties to get more reductions and exemptions with the assistance of best tax consultants of CDA who are well aware of the tax laws.

Get a whole time tax professional at your side to get continuous consultations and get the desired outcome with the assistance of professionals all the time.

The tax consultants at CDA calibrate accurate tax returns by studying A to Z transactions of the clients and provide them with tax benefits wherever available

The qualified tax advisors provide you with timely payment of tax and accurate determination of tax liability before-hand whereby avoiding penalties and stress

Our Service Sectors

Produce accurate and authorized tax reports which can be submitted before the FTA with assurance of experts at CDA who draft it as per the guidelines of the authorities.
Construction and MEP
Get reductions on tax liability and protection from penalties by paying returns on time with the team of CDA at your service.
Event Management
Ensure tax compliance and maintenance of proper records as recommended by the law with assistance from tax auditors of CDA who conduct 360-degree evaluation of tax framework of the firms
With a well-equipped team of tax experts, get your tax returns filed accurately and stay in line with the regulations of UAE and increase the confidence of the public.
Categorize the products and services manufactured as per its nature and instructions of VAT accurately with the consultants of CDA to avoid errors in computation and charging of VAT from customers.
Ensure if your tax reports of marine business are in line with the VAT regulations and in accordance with the international laws with the experts of CDA who are well-versed with all the VAT laws prevailing.
Oil and Gas
You can avail accurate and more refunds of returns from VAT by identifying the transaction on which refunds are applicable like zero-rated supplies etc. with the certified tax specialists at CDA.
Real Estate
Acquire more profits in your real-estate activities by eliminating tax burdens and penalties through staying complied with the regulations of the authority with the help of professional tax consultants.
CDA’s veteran tax specialist assure you with timely payment of VAT returns and avail you with all the possible refunds and avoid fines to increase your profitability

What do people praise about CDA?

Nabil Yasin
Managing Partner - Al Nahdah National Insurance Brokers Co. LLC
When it comes to financial and accounting matters nobody can compete with him. I am sure that Charles & his team can satisfy all the clients as well. In my opinion he is very good in controlling cost & advising for better decision making. Such a hardworking and dedicated individual is just a reason why we love the whole experience from CDA.
Thomas Esow
Finace Director - Al Andalous Electromechanical Works Co. LLC
CDA is really great at completing works before deadline. At the same time, CDA gave us exceptional accuracy, highly responsive, highly professional and experts in IFRS & UAE VAT Laws. It’s also great to have reports and schedules that meet our requirements. Altogether, the services from CDA is worth having at any cost.
Shijo Joseph
Managing Director - Orchid Interiors
I am extremely pleased with the professionalism of the whole team at CDA especially Mr.Charles, the managing director. They have been the greatest addition to our management accounting by providing high levels of accuracy and work productivity and have made all our financial matters “The walk in the park” for us. It is really appreciated and highly recommended.
Gautam Mehta
Financial Controller - Tile Marine LLC.
I would say CDA is only value addition to any firm or person who intend keep the accounts maintained. CDA's approach to maintain accounts is very methodical. They have the experience, work ethics, and support staff who are ready to go that extra mile to get the work done. They are available 24*7, to fulfill management's requirement and produce easy to understand reports. I would personally recommend to outsource accounts to CDA, then to keep inhouse accountant.
Dania Zaibak.
Operational Manager. - Gas Care LLC
CDA team has the best service and support to our company Gas Care LLC. Charles and Job always supportive and helpful and makes our Auditing process much easier and smooth. They never ignore a call and always ready to help and clarify our concerns.

Some common FAQs relating to Crypto tax consultation services

There is no personal income tax on the gains from cryptocurrency as of now. Hence, irrespective of your gains you need no to pay any tax amount on cryptocurrency in Dubai.

Yes, he must be a resident of any of the Dubai’s free trade zones to enjoy the tax regime.

The requirements are, one must acquire an administrative residency via a business visa or by making any investment in any of the assets of the country and he must stay or reside in the country more than half of the year to become eligible to apply for the tax certificate to the emirati authorities.

Yes, as many firms in Dubai have started to accept crypto as a medium of exchange so you can use crypto to make purchases such as luxury cars, real estate etc.

It is a digital wallet that enables an individual to store currency safely and make payments with the help of it.

Yes, crypto is the most secured medium of exchange which facilitate smooth payments. It is a unique code which has wide varieties and protects the information of the user.

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