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Accounting Services for Tech Companies in UAE

In September 2021 the UAE government had hosted a Digital economy retreat where 100 plus industry experts had participated. The prime aim of the retreat was to promote the growth of digital companies in the country. The UAE government is taking concrete steps to build a strong digital economy and to make use of the advantages given by these digital transformations. There are more than 1,400 start-ups in the country, 90 investment funds in the digital sector, and 12 business incubators. The total value of start-ups in the country is estimated to be AED 90 Billion. So altogether the digital economy is contributing 4.3 percent of GDP in the UAE, which is equivalent to 100 Billion according to the government. The private sector is playing a prominent role in developing new strategies for long-term sustainable growth and supporting UAE’s GDP. With recent development in technologies and government support towards this industry wide opportunities are being open for the businesses. So it is very essential to choose the right accounting services for steadfast operations that comply with every regulation and act of the regulatory authorities

Significance of Getting the Right Accounting Services for Tech Companies

The technology industry is one of the fast-paced and dynamic business industries. It moves quickly with its latest innovations and inventions. At present, technology is one industry where people invest their money on. Accounting for technology companies can be complex but it is very necessary to establish the right accounting services for the companies to provide transparency in operations and reporting to investors, lenders, customers, and buyers. Regardless of the companies growth stage, it is essential to find apt accounting support who make sure the operations are in compliant with the regulatory authorities. Right accounting services will help un maximizing the revenue and streamline the profit planning. 

CDA  Accounting Services for Tech Companies  

Our certified and accredited accountants can design the best accounting operations for increasing the profit for the business. Our versatile accountants are dynamic enough to cope up with the fast-paced industry which is always prone to changes, in turn, they will provide accurate financial information in building strategic business planning. Our experts well versed in every accounting software will perform with expertise in helping the clients to plan and execute precise business strategies for a sustainable business. The expert accountants of CDA will guide and walk along with every client in building a successful business. 

Features of CDA Accounting Services for Tech Companies

  • Our exquisite service providers will provide extensive  custom-made business accounting services for every client
  • Our versatile experts with Big 4 experience will provide systematic financial information and make sure to demonstrate the precise cost-effective business strategies 
  • Our accredited experts with hands-on experience in all accounting software make sure to unlock every complex accounting thus providing financial information for profitable business decisions.
  • Our experts deliver financial reports that comply with every accounting standard especially IFRS
  • Our qualified accountants reach out to every query we receive with detailed clarifications and solutions after a thorough analysis of the inquiry 


Industry Tech Accounting (FAQ)

The choice of accounting software strictly depends on the nature of business and the reporting needs but the widely used accounting software are QuickBooks, Tally, Xero, and Sage

Improved performance analysis, clear data on business success, better comparison of the resources, precise cash flow details, accurate and integrated financial records are the benefits of accrual accounting.

Yes it is, an inhouse department that maintained may have inexperienced staff but outsourced accounting professionals can address the business’ accounting needs and requirements effortlessly and they are updated with the changing compliance of regulations and more resourceful

- Bookkeeping - Tax accounting - Chartered accounting - Forensic accounting - Financial controller services - Accounting audit - Bank reconciliation - Account payable - Account receivable - Payroll processing

Forensic accounting is the specialty practice area of accounting that investigates firms for any proof of engagement in financial reporting misconduct.

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