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Leading Payroll Management Services in Abu Dhabi

Our team of experienced payroll professionals are adept at providing the best payroll services for businesses in line with the regulatory rules and laws of Abu Dhabi
10+ Years, 300+ Projects

Experienced payroll experts for each client make sure that the payroll calculation is meeting the labor compliances and regulations, decreases the costly errors, and timely tracking on employee time and expenses.

Payroll calculated with the help of highly efficient in-house software makes sure to produce error-free and real-time data (RTD) which guarantees valid results that can be tracked and stored for years and can also be used for offline data analysis.

Our law-abiding payroll specialists can assist the small and mid-enterprises in saving their time for payroll calculation and in turn increasing their productivity, avoid any legal penalties related to payroll, and also ensure a technically upgraded system for payroll.

Our certified professionals who are well versed in labor law generate an accurate database of wage payment to abide by the wage protection system (WPS) thus ensures the smooth run of the organization and its employee performance.

Our Service Sectors

Our payroll experts will ensure to give an accurate value of the paycheck through the clear-cut analysis of KPI and also make sure it abides with the legal side.
Construction and MEP
The experienced professionals calculate efficient error free, and accurate wages referring to construction reporting, which in turn, helps the client to save time and increase productivity.
Event Management
The certified specialists help in managing payroll resources for a fluctuating workforce and deliver fully compliant payroll for flexible staff up.
The competent team specialized in every payroll software keeps track of employee operations even if they are stationed or remote working and provides advice on payroll management.
Our qualified team will support comprehensive payroll management by tracking the personnel performance, providing deductions in benefits, and deriving labor compliance compensation.
Oil and Gas
Accomplished professionals to help you with customized payroll reports and services to deliver accurate data in saving time and money for an engaging workforce.
Real Estate
The experts strive to unwind the complicated payroll management and support in determining wages and withholding tax, updating employee benefits and deduction of employee contributed payments.
Our talented professionals provide guidance and services in payroll processing and wage protection systems to ensure the penalty-free progress of the business.
Our payroll specialists who are well versed in cloud-based software and through efficient maintenance of databases can make it easy for the client to check the payroll at any time anywhere.

What do people praise about CDA?

Nabil Yasin
Managing Partner - Al Nahdah National Insurance Brokers Co. LLC
When it comes to financial and accounting matters nobody can compete with him. I am sure that Charles & his team can satisfy all the clients as well. In my opinion he is very good in controlling cost & advising for better decision making. Such a hardworking and dedicated individual is just a reason why we love the whole experience from CDA.
Thomas Esow
Finace Director - Al Andalous Electromechanical Works Co. LLC
CDA is really great at completing works before deadline. At the same time, CDA gave us exceptional accuracy, highly responsive, highly professional and experts in IFRS & UAE VAT Laws. It’s also great to have reports and schedules that meet our requirements. Altogether, the services from CDA is worth having at any cost.
Shijo Joseph
Managing Director - Orchid Interiors
I am extremely pleased with the professionalism of the whole team at CDA especially Mr.Charles, the managing director. They have been the greatest addition to our management accounting by providing high levels of accuracy and work productivity and have made all our financial matters “The walk in the park” for us. It is really appreciated and highly recommended.
Gautam Mehta
Financial Controller - Tile Marine LLC.
I would say CDA is only value addition to any firm or person who intend keep the accounts maintained. CDA's approach to maintain accounts is very methodical. They have the experience, work ethics, and support staff who are ready to go that extra mile to get the work done. They are available 24*7, to fulfill management's requirement and produce easy to understand reports. I would personally recommend to outsource accounts to CDA, then to keep inhouse accountant.
Dania Zaibak.
Operational Manager. - Gas Care LLC
CDA team has the best service and support to our company Gas Care LLC. Charles and Job always supportive and helpful and makes our Auditing process much easier and smooth. They never ignore a call and always ready to help and clarify our concerns.

FAQs on Payroll Services in Abu Dhabi

The UAE labour law is the governing directive for all the matters relating to payroll in Abu Dhabi and hence all the statements including payroll statements should be prepared fully based on this law.

Yes, as per the regulation the amount of end of service benefits is calculated based on the last drawn basic salary and tenure of the employee with the company and this is paid as a severance payment to the employee after resignation or termination.

Payroll process mainly includes maintenance of employee master records, Calculation of periodic salaries including overtime, additional allowances, deductions, preparation of pay slip, salary statement and creation of WPS file.

WPS refers to the Wages Protection System (WPS) which again is an electronic salary transfer system for companies to pay salaries online and this is to ensure the payment of salaries to employees occurs as agreed in their offer letters on time.

As per the regulation here in UAE, it is mandatory that all the companies who have employees in UAE shall register and pay the salaries through WPS.

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