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Payroll Outsourcing in UAE

In every business organisation rather than employing an internal finance team, hire payroll experts who can manage your payroll documentation, expense claim disbursement, and processing of payslips at easy steps. On payroll outsourcing services, one could reduce the errors and responsibilities on bookkeeping of financial transactions. Preparation of payroll is not an easy task; it is bounded with the horizon of rules and regulation within the federal authority. CDA provides hand in hand to your needs with flexible solutions and advanced technology. Our supervision level and diligence in the procedures enable a collective experience for the payroll team with a resurgence in their thoughts and work patterns. Entrust us your payroll accounting. CDA, being one of the reputed payroll outsourcing companies in UAE offers incredible payroll outsourcing services in Dubai and across the Emirates. We will show how cost-effective and efficient our services are.

Why Outsource payroll?

CDA payroll outsourcing services in Dubai are tailored to meet the clients' needs regardless of the size of the client, number of employees and complexities of the payroll.

On outsourcing your payroll services, you could maintain

  • Efficiency and security in data management
  • Confidentiality in Employee salary and benefits through the unique identification codes
  • Reduced labour costs and risks associated with the computations

Payroll Outsourcing Services Include

  • Accurate salary processing system 
  • WPS-compliant salary transfers with documentation
  • Overtime pay, bonuses, commissions are calculated
  • Electronic generation of payslips in a customized format
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts 
  • Calculation and payment of accrued leaves and gratuity
  • Analysis and generation of customised payroll reports
  • Complete assurance for data security
  • Systematic management of data through encryptions
  • Implements control procedures based on the cost centres
  • On-call availability of payroll experts

Typically, our duties are tied to cross verification of the following data:

  • Attendance, Working hours
  • Payments for new employees
  • Regular salary payments
  • Allowances, Bonuses, Commissions, Advance and loan payments, Social security contributions
  • Customary benefits, Paycheck deductions, Housing advances
  • Miscellaneous earnings, Annual leave, Unpaid leave, Holiday pay, End of service settlements, Payroll data management

How CDA Can Help Your Business!

CDA, known as one of the best accounting consultants in Dubai offers a wide range of services including accounting, auditing, software consultancy, and management. We have the experienced auditors and accountants who offer quality-driven services to our clients. As payroll experts, we conduct a systematic study of our client’s requirements and recommend the suitable payroll accounting system to the client’s needs. Further, we assist in the implementation of reputed accounting software and help to automate the process along with a payroll expert. CDA Accounting & Bookkeeping Services LLC efficiently handles payroll services on time according to the convenience of our good clients. Outsourcing the payroll activities to CDA, one of the leading payroll outsourcing companies in UAE will definitely mitigate the risks of leakage of information, staff identities and potential misuse of business funds. 

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