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Payroll Management Services

A well-defined payroll management system acts as a catalyst for the smooth functioning of an organisation. It helps to maintain confidentiality and meets the statutory requirements in doing basic payroll calculations in a cost-effective manner. When we look from outside the payroll process seems to be simple, but it involves meticulous planning and computations on the gross salary, leaves, advance loans, gratuity etc. To handle this, the best decisions are outsourcing your payroll, rather than depending on the in-house finance teams. Outsourced payroll services are availed at affordable rates, improved data security and efficient management. Accounting outsourcing services often brings more attention to the core activities of the business leading to the business growth among this competitive environment. Payroll management services allow you to take your human resources management to a higher level. CDA provides customized payroll services in Dubai to all business organisations regardless of their size and geographical locations. Our customer tailored payroll solutions build the confidence of our clients to meet their business challenges in this dynamic business environment. 

Payroll Management Services Include

  • Communication and coordination with HR department of the client.
  • Gross salary calculations considering overtime, incentives and bonus
  • Calculation of various expenses related to employees (Travel, Accommodation)
  • Preparation and submission of payslips
  • Wage Protection System (WPS) assistance 
  • Issuance of salary transfer letters to the bank
  • End of the service settlement calculations

CDA Payroll Services in Dubai


CDA experts are efficient in handling any number of transactions and figures, they are certified professionals and maintaining the payroll processing error-free is their best work. Our works abide by the rules and regulations within the country.


Our payroll service in Dubai, UAE is high time-bound, we prepare the requirements and submit it to the authorities timely. Our work pattern is based on the favourable useful time of the client.


The preparation of payroll statements and reports are purely based on the standards, rules and regulations prevailing in the UAE labour law. We show uncompromising adherence to the standards and protocols.


Our data security system is highly reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, it potentially allows the client to build trust on us. 

Customised Payroll Software

We provide our clients with payroll customised software packages to maintain data security and limited access to the payroll reports. A good payroll processing software allows swiftness in the generation of precise data.

Why CDA?

CDA offers the best payroll services in Dubai, elevating payroll systems with better accounting, advanced technology and tactical guidance. CDA professionals are experts in delivering their services to the clients to their satisfaction. Our experienced professionals from accounting and auditing backgrounds help the clients make sure that their accounts are up to date as per the IFRS & ISA satisfying the federal law of the country. They maintain a well-organised documentation system for future references. CDA provides flexibility in using accounting software by clients or can use inhouse software for payroll processing.

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