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Accounting Software Services in Dubai, UAE

Accounting software is used in the UAE to perform various financial functions like data recording, analysis, storing business transactions etc. Instead of using manual accounting records, accounting software works much faster and smarter with greater accuracy. CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC offers accounting software services in Dubai and UAE to help businesses maintain a precise tracking and recording of their financial transactions, without any tampering or fear of losing. We help our clients with the implementation of more accurate accounting software in UAE to accomplish their accounting goals easily. 

Accounting software services in Dubai

Why Accounting Software?

Technology has revolutionized the world of business. SMEs as well as large organizations in Dubai, UAE have permeated technology in their business processes. When it comes to the accounting section, accounting software is used to perform various financial functions like recording, analyzing and storing business transactions. Accounting Software stands as a clear surrogate for blue-collar management of financial records.

How can Accounting Software help your business grow?

Accounting software is a class of computer programs that enable you to manage your business's financial transactions. By using accounting software, companies are able to use the resources in their accounting departments professionally and can trim down expensive bookkeeping mistakes.

a) Cost-saving

A business owner can use the accounting software without outsourcing the work to an external expert for simple transactions and save the expense. It also helps you save money as it is a one-time purchase.

b) Easy to handle

A beginner or a new employee with little training can use accounting software effectively in his own computer or mobile device

c) Enhances productivity

An accounting software works more rapidly and smarter on transactional and computational tasks than a human being. One can get error-free and more accurate transactions on accounting software compared to manual work

d) Secure and safe

Accounting software can secure the most valuable information about the company. By using this software one can decide who must have access to sensitive data of one’s business. The software provides manifold security features such as Barcode Integration, Production Management, Banking Integration etc.

e) Quickly build realistic profit budgets to predict the future

Accounting software helps small business owners to continually assign transactions relating to income and costs to appropriate accounts. This in sequence helps the small business owner to recognize trends in income and separate the fixed and variable costs of their business for examination. 

f) Allocate resources and manage cash shortfalls

Accounting software can produce reports and analyze revenue and expenses with ease. This allows the small business owner to extract the information needed to create a cash flow forecast that can predict the closing cash balance. This in term allows the small business owner to use their thinking ability to grow the business.

g) Better financial management attracts resources

Accounting software helps a small business owner administer his finances much better with instant access to financial reports and the easy preparation of future profit and cash flow budgets. This stimulates confidence in the business and its management by resource owners like banks, investors and suppliers.

h) Accounting software will keep all the records up-to-date in one place.

Features Available in an Accounting Software

Accounting software relieves the business process as it includes the following features:


  • Budget estimation and forecasting

  • Fixed assets management

  • Inventory management

  • Accounting

  • Billing and invoice

  • Payroll management

Different Types of Accounting Software 

On the basis of their operations, different accounting software has been built, which are discussed below:

1. Time & Expense Software

The main object behind this software is to help collect payments faster and detect sluggish and incompetent practices that were not perceptible before. It also gives detailed geographical reports on how the available resources and time are being used in the company.

2. Billing & Invoicing Software

This software helps a company to perform its day-to-day tasks, like writing checks and reminders for customers on their due payments. Billing and invoice systems hold control over the accuracy of accounting figures and make service look more credible and professional to the end recipient.

3. Payroll Management Software

Payroll management software allows one to have control over accounts payable and accounts receivable. The tools were developed to calculate employees’ salaries, depositing the salary directly into employee’s bank accounts, cutting deductions, and preparing tax forms & payslips.

4. Enterprise Resource Planning Software

This is the most accepted accounting software category. It includes systems helping product planning, material purchasing, inventory management and control, HR, accounting, marketing, distribution, and finance. This software also offers modules for business intelligence and CRM.

How to choose the right accounting software for the business in the UAE

Some tips are discussed below to help one find the software that will best suit the needs of one’s enterprise:


  • Keep your financial plan in mind

  • Deem both your needs and your accounting skills

  • Look at cloud applications

  • Take the decision with the help of your accountant 

  • Give attention to add-on features

CDA Accounting Software Services

CDA, as software consultants, perform an organized study of our client’s requirements and advocate the suitable accounting software pertaining to the client’s needs. We help out and accomplish the implementation of better accounting software in the UAE and to computerize the process. Besides providing accounting software services in Dubai and across the Emirates, CDA offers a wide range of services like Due Diligence, Accounting, Auditing, Tax Consultancy, VAT Consultancy, etc. 

Training on the accounting software

Accounting Software is an application that allows a business to file and maintain the track of money for internal and external review. CDA helps you to select suitably and the latest Accounting Software for your company. Accounting software helps you decide the areas to cut expenditures or to capitalise more for growth. Having a better outline of your current financial status, it will be easy for you to develop clever strategies and assign resources in a proper manner. CDA provides free training in accounting software based on the type and kind if necessary our experts handle this with at most care.

CDA Training Services for Accounting Software Includes:

  • Provide briefing of the software usage to the Accounting and operation team for the efficient use of the software.
  • Preparation of Chart of Accounts in new accounting software.
  • Migration of Data from old software to the new one.
  • Preparation of Financial Reports as per the Monthly reporting to Management.

For any kind of accounting, booking, tax, and other business services do contact us. We are happy to help out. Our Experts will offer one-hour free consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions on Accounting Software in Dubai

Accounting software automates many repetitive, manual tasks involved in maintaining your account. For instance, some packages can automatically download your bank statements and check the bank transactions against your records as well as saving your time. Accounting software can offer you a far better understanding of your business finances. You employ it to stay in accurate financial records and perform tasks such as Creating and sending invoices, Creating quotes and estimates, Recording expenses, Completing tax returns, Checking income or profit and loss, Creating budgets and forecasts etc

Yes, any time access is available. Most accounting software solutions provide a mobile application freed from charge usually for iOS and Android platforms. With the apps you'll access most of the features of the desktop version of the software, like creating invoices, recording expenses, managing clients and more. As well as saving your time, accounting software can offer you a far better understanding of your business finances.

A modern sort of accounting software designed to be used within the cloud, with access granted through apps. The features are affordable, mobile, secure and accessible anywhere-anytime

When choosing your accounting software, believe the future plans for your business and whether the software is going to be ready to support them. For instance, if you propose to open additional branches, confirm the software can track sales and expenses by location. Many packages also offer add-ons or plug-ins which will provide additional features and capabilities.

Although accounting software can automate a number of crunching tasks your accountant may, it's not designed to exchange your accountant altogether. It's best when it creates the connection with your accountant simpler and efficiently. As the software is in a position to handle jobs like tracking expenses and generating your profit and loss chart, your accountant can spend longer time on analysing your figures and offering advice to assist you in decisions.

Absolutely not! You continue to maintain 100% control of all decisions. You opt what vendors get paid and when. We offer the best of our services with knowledge and precise performance of tasks under your monitoring and supervision.

We take data confidentiality, copyright, and privacy very seriously, and make sure that any client-related information isn't published, distributed, sublicensed, sold or disseminated to third-party at any cost. Additionally, we make our employees sign confidentiality agreements, service-level agreements, & non-disclosure agreements at the onset of each project to make sure complete safety of our client’s data.

As consultants, we conduct systematic requirements of the client and recommend accounting software pertaining to the client’s needs. Further, we assist the implementation of Quick books as the reputed accounting software and help to automate the process.

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