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Accounting System Analysis in Dubai, UAE

Analyzing and maintaining a proper accounting system is crucial for every organization to create steadfast business decisions to increase business productivity while reducing the cost. CDA accounting system analysis in Dubai, UAE helps you to formulate a well-defined database of your financial accounts and overall business transactions that are essential to make up-to-date business decisions as well as financial restructuring.

accounting system analysis in dubai

Analysis of Accounting System

Accounting is the process of the calculation, processing, and statement of financial and non-financial information about businesses. CDA helps the business owner to make actual business decisions to increase productivity, cost savings and provides data about business tasks. CDA creates precise data and financial accounts that are indispensable to make up-to-date business decisions.

The purpose of an accounting system is to help increase output, cost savings and to provide better information to make decisions to run your business. Making decisions will be a guessing game if you do not have a better accounting system.

As part of the accounting system analysis service, the CDA team evaluates your business requirements and design an accounting system that suits you the most for your business.

CDA offers the following steps to serve you in this process: -

1. Analyse your business needs

CDA makes an outline of your business and goes for a thorough analysis of your business.

CDA analyses the following areas of your business in this process:

  • The size of your business
  • Specification of the industry
  • Running accounting processes
  • Reporting
  • Cost

2. Organise and design the system

  • After analysing the business needs, CDA helps you choose the best suitable accounting system that supports your exact business needs.
  • Once the system is selected, CDA will design a list of accounts, vendors, and projects to provide effective and real operations and reporting.
  • CDA then documents our design stratagem and structure set-up procedures.

3. Provides accounting expertise

  • CDA provides all the proficiency necessary to help you change to the new system and integrate it and processes your existing system or manual processes.
  • CDA will assist your accounting staff to operate the new system
  • CDA also makes it clear that the staffs understand the new processes and procedures.
  • Finally, CDA develops credentials to support internal controls.

Accounting Software Analysis

Accounting Software is an essential application that allows a business to file the flow of money for internal and external review and auditing. In this fast-developing world, where Human Intelligence is being replaced with Artificial Intelligence, the need for accounting software that suits your business needs is unavoidable. CDA helps you to select the most suitable and the latest Accounting Software for your company.

How does accounting software help your business?

Accounting software is helpful in several ways to improve the performance of your business, reducing the complexity and improve the performance of your business. 

1. Precise prediction

Accounting software helps you decide where to cut expenditures or where to capitalise more. Having a better outline of your current financial status, it will be easy for you to develop clever strategies and assign resources in a proper manner.

2. Tax acquiescence

Most of the accounting systems are devoted to payroll assistance and reporting and follow tax regulations automatically. They stock all the vital details for you to continue a clear workflow.

3. Reduces complexity

A business owner can finish all accounting processes and comply with legal standards from a computer or a mobile device.

4. Error free

A better accounting software averts expensive and frequent human errors. It brings accuracy in calculation and thwarts any future catastrophe that will affect your business.

5. Cost-effective

It lessens the costs related to printing and distributing credentials and store important data in secured and monitored locations.

6. Improved performance

An accounting software system examines the daily responsibilities of a company, and assemble, organize, and examine their most sensitive data, and make clever use of their cash.

7. Safekeeping

An accounting system averts accounting from being endangered in any way and keeps an extra copy if you need to recover them.

8. Better connection with clients

Notwithstanding their main functions, most accounting systems work around effective billing and invoicing, and prevent all sorts of suspensions and miscommunications. They make company performances seem more specialised and trustworthy by personalising them on behalf of the company.

Decision for Cloud-based Software or Desktop

CDA helps you decide to select whether you need a Cloud-based Accounting or a Desktop Based Accounting. Cloud-based Accounting is online-based and Desktop Based Accounting is on- premise-based accounting.

Comparison between Cloud Accounting & Desktop Accounting

Cloud Accounting Desktop Accounting
Multi-users at a time Single user at a time
Accounting fees included Renew when an update is required
Conducive to a remote work environment Not conducive to a remote work environment
Data can be recovered in case of theft or loss More possibility of data loss in case of break down or loss
Can be shared with CPA Manual sharing and time consuming
Support for automation No support for automation

Advantages of Cloud Accounting Software

  • It is an asset for workplaces
  • It prioritizes flexibility
  • It promotes a remote work environment
  • It provides Remote Accessibility at your fingertips
  • It is more secure than the desk-top

Types of Accounting Software

Generally, there are four types of accounting software. Each tool is used for different purposes according to the needs of the business. CDA experts analysis your business structure, understand the need and provide you with any of the most suitable tools listed below to develop your business accounting.

  1. Billing & Invoicing Systems (BIS)

Billing and Invoicing System finalises the rudimentary and daily responsibilities of a company. It includes writing checks and updating customers about their due payments.

These tools are imperative to have control over the precision of accounting figures and to make service appearance more specialised and reliable to the last beneficiary. The billing and invoicing tools help the company file economic activities and make it for authorization and validation.

  1. Payroll Management Systems (PMS)

A Payroll Management system controls your account payables and account receivables. This software is industrialised to perform a range of different tasks, like employees’ salary calculation, cutting deductions, direct salary deposit to employees’ bank accounts, preparing tax forms and payslips and many other. While your business progress, they will protect your financial transactions and reduce costs, and help prepare detailed accounts.

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPS)

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPS)is one of the most important accounting software tools. It connects all systems used for product planning, material purchasing, inventory management and control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance, and HR. The up-to-date ERPS solutions also offer modules for CRM and business intelligence, so that the business can study from its own practices and prepare better tactics in the future.

  1. Time & Expense Management Systems (TEMS)

Time & Expense Management Systems (TEMS)is intended to help accelerate billing cycles and support expenses on the move. It helps collect payments faster and detect sluggish and unproductive practices that were not noticed earlier. Their biggest advantage is that they are able to produce detailed graphical reports on time management and resource management in every company.

Accounting Software or Manual Bookkeeping- a Comparison

Accounting software Manual Accounting
Increased efficiency and Better time management Lower efficiency and Time consuming
Higher accuracy Error possibility is more
Increased reliability with the latest back-up system Comparatively less reliable
Fast and complex reporting Comparatively sluggish reporting
More costly regarding software No software required

CDA can guide you in this regard with a precise decision whether to select an Accounting Software for your Company or it should be Manual Bookkeeping.

Why CDA?

It is the accountability of the accounting department to produce the accounts on which a business unit exists. Every business unit must keep a check on the Accounting Information System update so as to conduct the accounting and financial activities in a smooth way. CDA helps business units to set up and deal with accounting services. CDA team comprises of business assessment experts and system analysis experts who will be able to analyze your accounting system using the best practices for your business to take full rewards of the profit.

In addition to accounting system analysis in Dubai and UAE, CDA also provides services like Regular Accounting Services, Outsourced Accounting Services, Bookkeeping Services, etc. at your doorsteps.

Contact us for any queries regarding accounting system analysis in Dubai or any other accounting, bookkeeping, auditing and business services in the UAE; Our experts will contact you within no time. We offer a one-hour free consultation to our clients!


Frequently Asked Questions on Accounting System Analysis UAE

Each company needs accounting system analysis because the financial health of your company indicates the difference between success and survival. If you’ve added employees, vendors, customers and your turnover is growing the system you started with won't be strong enough to manage income or management reporting. If you’ve expanded your company across multiple cities or countries and different lines of business, your old system simply might not be ready to manage the complexity of your business. So frequent analysis of the accounting systems must be conducted to remain accurate and transparent.

An organization has the accounting department that helps a business entity to hold the essential accounting services. In short, the essential functions include:(i) Collecting and processing data, (ii) Generating and delivering essential reports to the management, (iii) Providing transparency, accuracy and security

It is always good to research any domain over a period of your time to know the wants and fulfil them accordingly. The necessity to research accounting are (i) To avoid the unnecessary cost associated with accounting processes, (ii) To use up-to-date technology, (iii) To rectify loopholes within the system, (iv) To generate accounting reports easily, (v) To check if the accounting software is functioning properly

The key factors to be considered are:(i) Detailed Requirement Analysis, (ii) System Design, Documentation, (iii) Testing, Training, (iv) Data Conversion Tools, (v) Support System

There are several ways to take care of accurate records. These include: (i) Identifying revenue streams, (ii) keeping track of invoices and receipts, (iii) Preparing financial statements, (iv) Tracking deductible expenses and preparing tax returns, (v) At the least avoid creative accounting

Yes, it is highly recommendable to each company doing business because the accounting software’s helps to organize the books of accounts.

Yes, we do provide ERP implementation services to the companies across the UAE. CDA has expertise in software installation and its Accounting implementation procedures. Our expert team provides training in implemented versions.

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