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VAT Services for E-commerce Companies in UAE

The UAE’s retail E-commerce industry has shown an increased growth of 53% in the year 2020. It is also noteworthy that e-commerce has an 8% share of the retail market growth in the same year. In 2020, UAE’s m-commerce (mobile commerce) showed increased growth of 56% than the previous year. The opportunities for this industry have started booming for better with increased consumer demand. With increased gateways, every key management personnel in the companies must implement apt actions in selecting the right VAT services available in the region to ensure VAT activities are applied to their transactions.

Significance of Getting the Right VAT Services for Ecommerce Companies

By 2025 Ecommerce industry is estimated to reach 8 billion dollars. The growth of this industry is supported by key factors such as high-income potential, high Internet penetration rate (99 percent), developed transport logistics network, modern digital payment systems, growing tech-savvy youth population, and strong government support within the UAE. The UAE has the highest smartphone penetration rate in the middle east region, which has contributed to the growth of mobile commerce (m-commerce) from 29 percent in 2015 to 42 percent in 2020. The increased growth of the sector has also made the regulatory authorities to bring forth VAT compliances that are to be followed. So the business management must implement the right methods in choosing the correct VAT services to ensure VAT acts are applied to their transactions. It is always advisable to consult VAT experts who can offer you the right VAT services with quality.

CDA VAT Services for E-commerce Companies 

Our accredited tax experts make sure in providing the finest tax reports that make use of the tax categories for an increased tax credit. Our dynamic specialists have always been equipped with up-to-the-minute tax-related information thus helping the businessmen in avoiding unwanted penalties and legalities. We make use of the latest technology to provide the finest solutions and resources for the faultless operations of VAT-related activities. We perform with dynamicity,  supporting our clients to plan and execute the VAT procedures in a systematic and organized manner to achieve compliance with the applicable VAT rules and regulations.

Features of CDA VAT services for E-commerce companies in UAE


  • Our tax specialists trained in UAE and international tax rules and regulations will submit the Tax reports and suggestions that comply with every FTA act. 
  • Our tax experts will deliver the best tax practices for the corporates and assist in every tax difficulty 
  • Our accomplished tax experts will make sure the timely submission of VAT reports to FTA to avoid any probable penalties
  • Our versatile team ensure tax compliance and tax credits that make use of the zero-rated tax, exempted tax, and 5% taxable for the industrial activities 
  • Our experienced tax experts will provide tax reports that demonstrate detailed information on the impact of tax on business activities and transactions.
  • Our tax experts ensure precise VAT reports after thorough analysis and validation by accredited tax auditors to ensure penalty-free Tax returns.


Industry Ecommerce VAT (FAQ)

Businesses are required to keep records which will enable the FTA to identify the details of the business activities and can review the transactions

The registered businesses must file VAT returns with the FTA on regular basis, within 28 days of the tax period.

Any taxable entity should retain the VAT invoices for a minimum of 5 years

Non-residents engaged in taxable supplies in the UAE will be required to register for VAT unless there is another UAE resident who is responsible or accountable for VAT on those supplies.

Fee-based financial services are subjected to VAT but margin-based service providers are exempted.

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