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Accounting Services for E-commerce companies in UAE

As of 2020 UAE’s E-commerce industry is on an upward trajectory, with increased demand for online purchasing by the young tech-savvy population having given a greater foundation for the industry. The country’s high percentage of digital millennials who are well accustomed to technology has raised the bar for seamless and convenient online shopping. There are other sectors like logistics, manufacturing, and so on benefit from the increased demand for E-commerce. E-commerce startups now started to attract significant investments, and supported by government policies for innovation and a cashless economy has enhanced consumer trust thus helping them thrive in the UAE market. Along with growing business opportunities, the need for the right accounting services also weighs higher. Competitive accounting services are also available in a wide range as well, which gives the companies vast choices. It is always advisable to choose the right accounting services for efficient and faultless business operations.

Significance of getting the right Accounting Services for Ecommerce Companies

According to Euromonitor, the projected value of the E-commerce market has grown by a compound annual growth rate that is estimated to reach 8 billion dollars by 2025. E-commerce strengthened by the digital industry is said to be soon labeled as the new business model which expands its wings to the e-commerce ecosystem. With new developmental strategies soon the sector is going to present new trends in the global market. To make certain the stakeholder interest in this industry it is necessary to handover the accounting services to handover to competent accountants who are systematic and up to the minute with recent changes in the accounting standards. . It is always advisable to choose the right accounting services for efficient and faultless business operations 

CDA Accounting Services for the E-commerce companies

Our accredited accounting experts make sure to deliver the right accounting services considering the client’s necessity. Our specialists can build custom-made accounting services depending on the industrial demands. Years of experience in the field of accounting have helped us build credibility in molding the best accounting performer. Our contented client base is the affirmation that we can provide to you. Our exemplary services can vouch to deliver the appropriate financial operations for accurate Organizational objectives. Our team of competent professionals with firsthand knowledge of all the accounting software will bring out the quantitative accounting information for productive business decisions.  Choosing CDA as your accountant will never be a disappointment. 

Features of CDA Accounting services for E-commerce companies in UAE

  • Our experts provide systematic financial management and cost-productive business propositions for every complex business ventures
  • Our accountants ensure orderly data management, compensation setting according to recent labor laws, and profit analysis for a rewarding venture.
  • Our team of accountants pinpoints the effectiveness of every business objective through coherent analysis and tracking of expenses and incomes of all the undertaken projects
  • Our experts keep a track of expenditures, review the financial information, and group the costs and returns for unchained business development. 
  • Our experts demonstrate the advanced and Internationally validated financial statements that comply with IFRS and all other accounting standards 
  • Our versatile accountants resolve every complex accounting through meticulous review and systematic management of the book of accounts for Value-added results. 

Accounting Ecommerce industry (FAQ)

A journal is a detailed account that records all the financial transactions of a business, to be used for the future reconciling of accounts and the transfer of information to other official accounting records, such as the general ledger.

A ledger entry is a record made of a business transaction. The entry may be made under either the single entry or double-entry bookkeeping system.

A T- account is a graphical representation of a general ledger, which records business transactions.

A general ledger (GL) is a set of master records and transactions recorded and a sub-ledger(SL) is the intermediary set of accounts connected to the general ledger.

Nominal ledgers and Private ledgers are the two types of ledgers.

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