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Organizational Restructuring Services in Dubai, UAE

CDA organizational Restructuring Services in Dubai, UAE encompasses professional services to reshape the workflows within the organisation and between businesses and advises the management and stakeholders of underperforming and financially troubled businesses to bring greater developments. CDA specialists will evaluate and standardize your business and endorse changes to maximize the overall business efficiency, saving your cost and time.

organizational restructure in dubai

Why Organizational Restructuring?

The international market and consumer tendencies advance so quickly that companies cannot afford to do business as usual. If they want to play major roles in the marketplace or even endure, they have to go for strong organizational restructuring processes in place. Organizational restructuring processes should be based on proper strategic preparation, driven by innovation, or it can be a strategic response to unanticipated environments.

Organizational Restructuring or Business process restructuring is the investigation and reshaping of workflows within and between businesses in order to augment end-to-end developments and eradicate non-value-added tasks. As part of the organisational or business restructuring services in Dubai, CDA experts will assess and standardize your business processes against best practices and will endorse changes in the procedures to:

  • Increase efficiency in overall business operations
  • Improve internal control procedures
  • Save time and costs
  • Enhance the level of governance

Organizational Restructuring Processes

Organizational restructuring service covers a wider range of processes including performance improvement, financial restructuring, recapitalisation, etc. Given below are the following activities included in organizational restructuring services in Dubai. 

1. Complete management :

CDA experts will analyze the process and suggest positive standards to steadfast the company and set winning strategies through cost reduction, liquidity generation, product line rationalization, assets operation, enhancement, and competitive positioning

2. Financial Restructuring :

CDA experts will analyze the financial transactions of the company and justify debt-equity structure through the process of liquidity management, restructure balance sheet, working capital refinancing, etc.

3. Performance improvement :

CDA experts will analyze the performance of your company and create essential functional capabilities and help the business make strategic action planning, organizational and personal development, marketing and sale, financial planning and MIS, and business process reengineering

4. Recapitalization :

CDA experts will analyze the ongoing processes and suggest proper strategies to attract new capital and owners. We help you to make proper business plan preparation, value enhancement, company valuation, assistance investor search, and advocacy in investor/strategic buyer negotiations.

5. Setting up of internal control procedures :

CDA experts will analyze the internal control system and suggest the following tools for the restructuring process:

  • Proper organization hierarchy
  • Segregation of duties
  • Change in Responsibilities assigned to each employee on department-wise basis.
  • Close monitoring of implemented procedures and policies.

Why Do Companies Restructure their Finance and Business operations?

The business restructuring services in Dubai are usually meant for either internal reasons or for external issues. The restructuring may be either for internal reasons or for external issues. CDA experts analyse the causes and advocate proper strategies to improve the standard.

Internal reasons behind business restructuring: -

  • Bad cash flow
  • Poor leadership skill
  • Productivity below the potentials
  • Stationary or declining incomes
  • Very less gross margin
  • Very high operating costs
  • Over- or under-investment
  • High labour costs
  • Indistinct roles & responsibilities
  • Poor internal communication
  • Ineffective marketing budgets provision
  • Poor process design

Instances of some external reasons behind business restructuring

  • New shopper trends
  • Novelties that redefine the marketplace
  • Decrease in the Company’s market share due to activities of competition

Certain Common Impediments to Restructuring

  • Resistance from employees
  • Manager and Employee reactions to organizational restructuring
  • Corporate obstacles

Necessary tools to make organizational restructuring processes successful

  • Clear strategy
  • Knowledge and motivation
  • Satisfactory resources
  • Genuine and actionable stencil for the execution
  • Shut down of loss-making companies based on profitability assessment
  • Diversification of business activities into different portfolios of business
  • Prepare company policies and procedures according to the vision of Management
  • Accounting Policies as per IFRS and ISA

Organizational Restructuring Strategies:

CDA follows systematic strategies in our organisational restructuring services in Dubai and UAE. Some basic principles and strategies are given below that you must keep in mind before you plan on restructuring the organizational structure and design

  • Align the organizational structure
  • Cut down on the complexity
  • Focus on having better activity
  • Creating roles that are practicable
  • Balance your work properly and a load of managers

Once the test phase is completed, sometimes after going through many cycles, full restructuring can be implemented. In fact, it is not a process with a predetermined end, but a stream of continuous cycles of improvements.

How to Plan Organizational Restructuring Strategies?

Given below are the methods to considering while planning organizational restructuring strategies.

1. Give priority to quality over quantity:
  • In the size of the company
  • In the product development
2. Make proper Communication:
  • Internal communication with your team and ensure you have the whole team for the course
  • External communication with business magnates, those who invent and people who influence in functional zones

Benefits of Organizational Restructuring:

  • Decrease in the operational cost in future
  • Less payroll expenses
  • Outsourced operations that are comparatively less expensive than that of the in-house labour

CDA Organisational Restructuring Services

CDA is equipped with the BIG 4 experienced staff to analyze your company’s internal issues as well as the external issues and will suggest proper measures for the restructuring of the organization in UAE. Only the finance background professionals can give proper restructuring strategies because accounting is the backbone of every business. Only the finance background professionals can give proper restructuring strategies because accounting is the backbone of every business. Financial discipline in a company makes the base for every business to succeed. So, the importance of CDA is unavoidable.

CDA experts will find ways to increase the efficiency of your company in the overall business operations, suggest tools to improve the controls and enhance the level of governance by saving your time and cost.

Besides providing organisational restructuring services in Dubai and across the UAE, CDA offers all other business-related services, like CFO services, Internal & External Audit Services, Audit in Free Zone, VAT Return Filing Services, and many other services related to your business needs.

Feel good to contact us as our expert will give you one-hour consultation on your queries on your business needs.


Frequently Asked Questions on Organizational Restructuring Services

During a company's life cycle, organizational restructuring is necessary to (1) accelerating Business growth, (2) accommodate shift in company strategy, (3) adaptably competitive, (4) on merger or acquisition, the corporate may restructure to specialise in new lines of business.

The major benefits of restructuring during this pandemic is to (1) revive the declining business, (2) enhance a company’s value, (3) prepares the company for sale, (4) gain a competitive advantage, or positioning itself for growth.

Restructuring is a kind of corporate action, which involves significantly modifying the debt, operations or structure of an organization as to how of limiting financial harm and improving the business. The activities are (1) identifying the areas which require restructuring management, (2) financial restructuring, (3) performance improvement, (4) recapitalization, (5) setting up of control procedures and evaluating the changes.

Yes, we help our clients to get bank loans by preparing and providing them with the supporting documents which are necessary to be submitted to the bank. We perform (1) asset valuation and management, (2) documentation of creditors statements, VAT summary, (3) perform audits for previous three years financials, (4) review the financial statements, (5) advice on capital restructuring.

Yes, restructuring is always based on reshaping the financial, operational and investing aspects of the company. The restructured methods to streamline the cash flows of the company are (1) timely settlement of suppliers and collection of payments, (2) avoid inefficient aspects of operations, (3) creating an emergency fund, (4) systematic tracking of invoices, (5) forecasting and mitigating risks.

There are many benefits under the restructuring of the business in UAE like (1) identifying new opportunities (2) reduce costs, (3) incorporate new technology or to enhance competitive advantage.

CDA offers a good range of business recovery services in Dubai that are tailored to your individual circumstances helps to achieve success or to sustain within the modern market. If you're not generating a profit and your business isn't performing well, we help you to (1) conduct short term cash flow review, (2) identify quick wins, (3) access relevant experience of employees, (4) develop restructuring plans, (5) support external stakeholder negotiations.

Organizational restructuring is when a company’s business model has changed due to internal or external factors and wishes to adapt so as to survive - ultimately grow. this might end in a downsize, upsize or reshuffle of staffing requirement.

Generally, the restructuring takes from 3 to 6 months, counting on the dimensions of the group, the number of involved jurisdictions and therefore the necessity is to get regulatory approvals.

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