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Financial Restructuring Services in UAE

CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC has been at the forefront of providing financial restructuring services in UAE to build a strong future for your business, analysing the challenging market conditions, proposing remedial measures for financial or operational threats, and executing an effective strategy. As a strategic financial restructuring advisory partner, we assist businesses with developing and implementing financial restructuring solutions to achieve your organizational goals.

financial restructuring services in uae

Financial Restructuring Advisory

An effective financial restructuring is often a make-or-break for a business that is struggling to survive. A financial restructuring may be termed as refinancing a business at every level of capital structure.  CDA offers sophisticated financial restructuring services in UAE to diverse client intended to protect, enhance, and improve the values of your business. 

Financial restructuring services include: -

  • The evaluation of strategic options 
  • Examination of stakeholder interests in alternative circumstances
  • Expansion of a restructuring plan 
  • Enablement of the negotiation 
  • Safeguarding asset-based loans like accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment 
  • Safeguarding debt financing 
  • Safeguarding institutional private placements of equity 
  • Attaining strategic partnering 
  • Finding potential merger candidates

Benefits of Restructuring of Finance

An effective and efficient Restructuring of Finance can help your business in numerous ways, as discussed below: -

  • It ensures better financial discipline
  • It ensures better Investment opportunities and captures new trends in the market
  • It ensures an effective selection of funds, i.e. internal funds or use bank facilities which can be used for further development of the business. 

How does financial restructuring increase the operational efficiency of business?

Accounts and finance are two backbones of a business. The operational efficiency of a business can be increased by proper management of the accounts and efficient and effective restructuring of finance. If the financial background is strong enough for a company, the operational team can take risks, invest more in the marketing and recruit more sales team. 

When the finance restructuring is done, the business can hire more experienced and efficient employees into the team, which will increase the production capacity. 

When does a company look for in financial restructuring?

A company looks for a financial restructuring when: -

  • The company is under financial pressure due to rises and dips in the market, sudden technological revolutions or a fussy consumer attitude.
  • It is preparing for a sale, buyout, merger, change in overall goals, or transfer of ownership

How to undertake a financial restructuring?

Financial restructuring is usually the last alternative but the most effective one to ensure long-term feasibility in an unpredictable marketplace. Here are some measures that you can practice 

  • Re-explore your goals

Success and survival go hand in hand. Most of the companies may not have a ready-made solution to radical changes in an individual market or a severe recession in the greater economy. Continuous dependence on outdated resources and the tremor of sudden market changes are challenging. You must redefine your goals accurately and honestly. Make accurate forecasting, consider a reduction in operating costs and emergency budgeting and have clear objectives.

  • Identify the challenges and bring in help

You may take the help of an experienced financial advisor to assess the current situation and propose solutions before you renovate your business models and reorganizational systems.

  • Recognize the leadership

Once the goals are set to look for a strong leader who can effectively handle the demands of a financial reset. A strong leader must have the capacity to define and refine the vision, to objectively implement and control operations and experience in restructuring, in both capital and operational capacity. The new leadership must have the ability to face the External Challenges also. 

  • Have a better communication

Develop a constant and transparent communication between the management and employees and the financial consultants and creditors. This will help the financial restructuring to work effectively.

  • Stay confident and committed

You must be confident that the restructuring works effectively. Apply focused leadership, excellent advice, and complete transparency and stay committed to the situation. 

CDA Financial Restructuring Services

CDA is a team of Big 4 experienced professionals who have a thorough insight into the market trends and the elasticities in the market. Our skilled financial restructuring advisory professionals help solve complex problems and implement enhancements, and help you focus on the following key issues to resolve them.

  • We help you stay focus on sufficient funding to keep operations while a solution is being developed and implemented.
  • We help you identify the drawbacks and find ways to fix it.
  • We help you identify maintainable capital or debt structure that offers the best prospects of success.
  • We help you ensure that the business is supported through its recovery stage.

Our skilled and experienced team can provide Financial Restructuring Advisory Services for your business to make it follow the global standards. CDA team also makes sure that your business complies with the tax regulations and is free from all tax burdens, and takes the rhythm to achieve your goal line.

In addition to providing excellent financial restructuring services in UAE, CDA Accounting & Bookkeeping Services LLC also efficiently handles CFO Services, Auditing Services in Dubai, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, Accounting Software services, Due Diligence Services, and Tax Filing & VAT Consultancy services on time according to the convenience of our good clients. 

Need financial restructuring services in UAE? Feel free to contact Us. Our experts will give you one-hour Free Consultation to drive away your doubts. 


Frequently Asked Questions on Financial Restructuring Services

Financial restructuring is the refinancing business at each level of capital structure. It is the reorganisation of assets and liabilities. The method is usually related to corporate restructuring, where an organisation's overall structure and its processes are revamped.

This involves the assessment of strategic options, analysis of stakeholder interests in alternative scenarios, the event of a restructuring plan and facilitation of the negotiation. It can involve matters such as (1) converting existing debts to equity, (2) converting preferred stock to ordinary shares, (3) debt subordination, (4) debt compromise, (5) the sale or transfer of equity to new owners, (6) accelerated sale of a neighbourhood of the business.

The circumstances under which financial restructuring resolution is submitted are (1) if the organisation is in financial distress but isn't yet insolvent for the needs of the UAE, (2) if the organisation is in the bankruptcy process under the UAE (Bankruptcy Law has not been subject to a financial restructuring within the preceding year). So as to go for a restructuring process, a financial organization must submit certain information to them (Financial Restructuring Committee) FRC, including an assessment of the institution's funding, needs subsequent to 12 months. The institution can also nominate an expert to oversee its financial restructuring.

Restructuring debt is a win-win process because the company avoids bankruptcy and therefore the lenders typically receive what they might get through a bankruptcy proceeding. Debt restructuring may be a process employed by companies facing income problems or financial distress to avoid the danger of default.

The expert appointed to oversee the restructuring of a financial organization will (1) assess the economic and financial status of the company, (2) facilitate a consensual agreement between the company and its creditors, contractors, (3) provide the company with proposals to continue its business and retain its employees (4) submit monthly reports to the FRC to stay it informed of progress, (5) undertake the other tasks assigned by the FRC. There is nothing within the Resolution to suggest that the expert is going to be vested with any specific powers in reference to this role.

The financial restructuring process will terminate if a consensual agreement is reached between the company and its creditors. Additionally, the FRC can terminate the financial restructuring if (1) failure to pay the requisite fees and expenses, (2) consensual agreement can't be reached, (3) the company so requests, during which case the FRC must be satisfied that the explanations for the appliance for the restructuring procedure have ceased to exist.

The basic plan CDA follows are (1) start together with your business strategy, (2) identify strengths and weaknesses within the current organizational structure, (3) consider your options and style a replacement structure, (4) communicate the reorganization, (5) introduces the new restructured design.

The options are (1) refinance and acquire fresh debt/equity, (2) sell the corporate (either as an entire or in parts in an asset sale), (3) restructure its financial obligations to lower interest payments/debt repayments or issue debt with interest to scale back the cash expense, (4) file for bankruptcy and get additional financing.

Yes, financial restructuring services include preparation of budgets and analysis of actual and budgeted performance to ensure financial discipline within the company.

Yes, financial restructuring gives added value to your business by making it more integrated and profitable.

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