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Leading Tax Consultants in Abu Dhabi

We have a seasoned team of tax consultants to help your businesses with professional tax analysis, file tax returns, payment of tax, and tax consultation services in Abu Dhabi
10+ Years, 300+ Projects

The dedicated tax experts to address any queries on every VAT-related information. The complexity of any Tax issue will effortlessly be verified and answered by experts.

Our dynamic Tax Consultants in Abu Dhabi who stay updated with every recent change in tax regulations and act make sure to notify the stakeholders and ensure that the changes are applied in all the VAT-related activities.

Competent Tax Consultants in Abu Dhabi with vast experience in each industry are always ready to draw up the solutions for any tax concerns following a client’s tax scenario. We provide the services for the betterment of all our clients.

Experts of all domestic and international laws are all the time set to deliver the support needed in import and export activities especially in Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM).

Our Service Sectors

Our acclaimed tax experts will help in channeling taxable and non-taxable structures in the insurance sector under zero-rated VAT, exempted VAT and VAT payable, and also in VAT recovery.
Construction and MEP
Our proficient tax consultants can be an aid to guide in tax complexities thus ensuring the activities carried out are FTA abiding and recorded efficiently.
Event Management
The efficient tax experts will help in running the business with error-free data, rightful input tax, and notify the VAT filing thus calming down the worrisome entrepreneurs.
The competent professionals make sure to demonstrate the standardized solutions for any complex tax difficulties with a detailed analysis of the problem layout.
Our certified professionals help to avoid excessive payment of tax, in building cost-effective tax schemes, and bring out an accurate tax management system
The qualified tax consultants help in delivering clear-cut information on tax categories such as zero-rated tax, exempted tax, and 5% tax payable.
Oil and Gas
Our experienced tax specialists deliver accurate and faultless VAT reports, up to date tax-related information, and also make sure to maximise the tax credit.
Real Estate
The proficient specialists help in real estate valuation, property tax laws, and property tax appeals and make certain efficient tax practices and abide by FTA.
Our up-to-the-minute consultants are at aid to provide services in registering for TRN certificate, tax avoidance practices, and steer clear of any legalities.

What do people praise about CDA?

Nabil Yasin
Managing Partner - Al Nahdah National Insurance Brokers Co. LLC
When it comes to financial and accounting matters nobody can compete with him. I am sure that Charles & his team can satisfy all the clients as well. In my opinion he is very good in controlling cost & advising for better decision making. Such a hardworking and dedicated individual is just a reason why we love the whole experience from CDA.
Thomas Esow
Finace Director - Al Andalous Electromechanical Works Co. LLC
CDA is really great at completing works before deadline. At the same time, CDA gave us exceptional accuracy, highly responsive, highly professional and experts in IFRS & UAE VAT Laws. It’s also great to have reports and schedules that meet our requirements. Altogether, the services from CDA is worth having at any cost.
Shijo Joseph
Managing Director - Orchid Interiors
I am extremely pleased with the professionalism of the whole team at CDA especially Mr.Charles, the managing director. They have been the greatest addition to our management accounting by providing high levels of accuracy and work productivity and have made all our financial matters “The walk in the park” for us. It is really appreciated and highly recommended.
Gautam Mehta
Financial Controller - Tile Marine LLC.
I would say CDA is only value addition to any firm or person who intend keep the accounts maintained. CDA's approach to maintain accounts is very methodical. They have the experience, work ethics, and support staff who are ready to go that extra mile to get the work done. They are available 24*7, to fulfill management's requirement and produce easy to understand reports. I would personally recommend to outsource accounts to CDA, then to keep inhouse accountant.
Dania Zaibak.
Operational Manager. - Gas Care LLC
CDA team has the best service and support to our company Gas Care LLC. Charles and Job always supportive and helpful and makes our Auditing process much easier and smooth. They never ignore a call and always ready to help and clarify our concerns.

FAQs on Tax Consultants Services in Abu Dhabi

Value Added Tax is applicable here to most of the supply of goods/ services and excise tax applicable to few specific goods. There is no income tax on individuals but there is corporate tax on oil companies and foreign banks.

Being experts in tax laws, tax consultants function as tax advisors for their clients providing support in tax planning, compliance and reporting

When hiring a tax consultant due care shall be given to their expertise in the relevant tax regime, cost effectiveness and industry specific knowledge as applicable to the business activities.

The main factor in choosing a tax accounting application is to ensure that the proposed system works in compliance with the applicable tax laws and brings efficiency to the tax processes.

Major challenges to the tax processes are availability of competent resources, reliability of available data, system limitations and changes in the tax regulation.

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