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Post By: admin March 23 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Robotic Process Automation in UAE

Robotic Process Automation has now been transpired and endorsed as a revolutionary initiative in various business platforms of UAE. While digital transformation has subjugated every aspect of our lives here, its sways over the business world is also discernable. If you are evaluating the possibilities of automation in your business processes, it is essential that you have the grasp on the fundamentals in this regard and the implications of any such implementation.

What is meant by Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation majorly refers to the configuration or enhancement of IT systems enabling a robot or a software to perform the activities otherwise handled manually. Bringing a new revolution in the business world, RPA is receiving more and more acceptance recently across the various functions and sectors in UAE. Apparently, more emphasis is given for increasing productivity, by reinventing the ways in which the activities are being performed. It can be perceived as a key indicator on how well the businesses in the region are making use of the emerging technological advancements.

What are the benefits of implementing RPA for your business?

One of the major highlights of RPA systems is bringing efficiency to the processes. Undeniably there will be reduction in manual errors when the routine tasks are handled automatically through systems. Integration of multiple systems through RPA programs on a real time basis leads to faster flow of data, thereby enabling savings of cost, time and effort.

What are the different types of RPA solutions available in the market?

RPA solutions are now available for most of the repetitive routine tasks performed in any business process. For example, when it comes to a finance function, the possibilities of automation are endless. Automation tools can extract reports from and interact with multiple systems within the organization completing various tasks such as account reconciliations, booking of invoices, handling cheque payments, analytics, generation of management reports etc.

What are the major steps involved in implementing RPA solutions?

Depending upon the business complexities, the level and extent of RPA options can differ. However most of the RPA projects involve the following crucial action points:

  • Process understandings and identification of the automation opportunities
  • Designing the automation plans based on the IT infrastructure and business operations
  • Development and deployment of the RPA programs
  • Test for operative effectiveness and user acceptance

What are the challenges on implementation of RPA for your business?

Being one of the crucial changes being introduced, implementation of RPA systems in any entity necessitates the collaboration of various factors in each step. During the implementation phase, developers and project managers may face many challenges as listed below:

  • Obtaining the support from the process owners and detailed understanding of the activities handled by them
  • Ensuring the required coordination between the different functions within the organization during the implementation project
  • Overcoming the limitations of legacy systems
  • Budget constraints for investing in IT solutions
  • Selection of right RPA solutions

What is the significance for choosing the right consultancy services for RPA implementation?

As RPA turns out to be the preferred workflow enhancement tool in the business, it takes substantial expertise to establish and thereafter maintain the automated processes in a controlled way. It is extremely important to follow a systematic approach for RPA implementation under experienced eyes of supervision to avoid implementation failures and make sure of the sustainability for a long period of time.

CDA in Robotic Process Automation

CDA is equipped with the right tools and resources to assist you in the process of establishing RPA programs in your company. We have the experience of successfully supporting many RPA implementation projects in UAE, bringing in valuable insights over the various steps involved such as the development of RPA strategy, assessment of processes, IT checkups, development of BOTs etc. Our qualified professionals can guide you throughout the implementation journey by giving outright inputs for your informed decision making and ensuring long term success of your RPA initiatives. We are happy to discuss with you about the recent developments in this regard and the related best practices in the region which can be considered to bring more efficiency and ease to your business processes.

This brings us to the conclusion of our discussion on robotic process automation in UAE. Do you have further queries on RPA? CDA can support you in implementing RPA solutions for your business in UAE.