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Post By: admin May 31 2024

UAE-FTA Outlines Taxpayers’ Key Rights and Obligations

The federal tax authority of the UAE has been making all the required efforts to ensure the transparency of the tax systems prevailing in the country. With this motive in mind, it has recently issued a Taxpayers Charter in order to guide the taxpayers and provide them with the required awareness of the tax systems prevailing in the land. These steps all clearly show the UAE’s efforts to make itself a global investment centre, attracting investors from all over the globe. In this blog, we will provide the gist of the new charter issued by the FTA for tax payers in the UAE.

Why should you be aware of the Taxpayer Charter?

The FTA has issued a document, which it has named the Taxpayer Charter, to spread awareness of the tax obligations and rights of taxpayers. It highlights the rights that taxpayers have and how they are to be treated by the FTA and staff. The rights include confidentiality, privacy, and other factors affecting taxpayers. The taxpayers also have the right to get satisfactory responses for their queries and the requests that are made to the FTA. The official document contains the definitions of the key rights and obligations. This issue of charters is part of different awareness programmes that are conducted by the authority to enlighten the taxpayers in the UAE.

Rights of the Taxpayer Listed in the Charter

The various rights of the taxpayer in the UAE include the following, which are highlighted in the recently issued charter:

  1. FTA has the obligation to provide the taxpayer with fair, professional, and respectful treatment. Hence, taxpayers have the have the right to get a respectful response from the FTA for all the interactions and requests. The taxpayers are entitled to the same rights and treatment from the staff of the FTA.
  2. The taxpayers have the right to a consistent application of the particular tax regulation; hence, the FTA will apply the relevant tax regulations to the taxpayers without providing any unfair advantage to anyone.
  3. The taxpayers have the right to their confidentiality and privacy, which include all their interactions with the FTA. It is the obligation of the FTA to ensure the utmost secrecy of all taxpayer information.
  4. The taxpayers have the right to consider all the facts and circumstances that might affect them. The FTA must consider the relevant facts and circumstances that must have prevented the payer from meeting the specific tax obligations.
  5. Right to receive satisfactory responses from the FTA for the queries and the requests made to the FTA.
  6. The right of the taxpayer to receive accurate, relevant, and reliable information from the FTA to meet tax obligations and ensure compliance with the tax rules.
  7. The taxpayer has the right to be represented, in compliance with certain conditions, by a listed tax agent or an appointed legal representative for the relevant tax type.
  8. The taxpayer has the right to submit an appeal for any decision made by the FTA, subject to certain conditions.
  9. The right of the taxpayer to submit any reasonable complaints with regard to the service of the FTA or the conduct of the staff.

Obligations of the Taxpayer Listed in the Charter

The various obligations of the taxpayer in the UAE include the following, which are highlighted in the recently issued charter:

  1. The taxpayer is under an obligation to comply with all the tax rules and obligations. Under certain tax regulations, the taxpayer must comply with the timely filing of tax returns and payments, maintain records of transactions, and stay updated about the regulations.
  2. The taxpayer must provide the authority with all the accurate and relevant information within the time instructed.
  3. The taxpayer must cooperate with the FTA during various processes and must be respectful to the FTA and the staff.
  4. The taxpayer is under the obligation to prevent any kind of tax evasion under the law and the detection of non-compliance with tax laws.

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