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Post By: admin October 19 2020

Reasons Why You Should Outsource Payroll Services in UAE

Payroll can be referred to as the number of employees getting paid by their employer for the work they carry out. It is also related to the tasks involved in paying the employees such as calculating the tax, deducting it, making federal contributions such as in different insurance policies etc.  It is very important to pay the employees on time so they can fulfil their needs. In fact, it is a reward for their success. Let us now discuss the need for outsourcing payroll services.

How can outsourcing payroll services help an organization?

The accuracy of paychecks is of prime importance because every firm should pay according to the ability of the employees and this should be carried out in a perfect manner. Not only the accuracy but the deductions and other calculations regarding the salaries should be carried out smoothly. It is a very complex situation because if you are dealing with the payroll department you must know the prevailing laws regarding the wages and salaries as well as keep updates regarding the changes in it. In addition to this, there are many other challenges that are faced by the firms who have in-house payroll services, which may result in penalties and fines that may increase the burden of the employees as well as the organization.  For instance, let us consider a firm which is dealing with the manufacturing of cars, and it pays its employees monthly, and it gives extra wages to the worker who works overtime, and they have an in-house payroll service which is facing problems such as shortage of professionals who are expert in calculating the paychecks, also they are unaware of the changes in tax policies of the government and the policies regarding the welfare of the nation, which resulted to a massive consequence for the worker i.e. they were not getting the actual wages which they expected and they were also charged penalties for not paying the tax on time, at last, they decided to leave the firm, which resulted to the insolvency of the firm.

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Isn’t it so scary to even think about a firm with unorganized payroll services. To avoid these types of situations most of the firms prefer outsourcing the payroll service, which makes their work easy hence, they are relieved of the burden regarding the timely payment and accuracy of paychecks. By outsourcing the payroll service the firm can timely credit the wages and salaries according to the working hours of the employees and workers, they need not worry regarding the penalties that may be charged in future. Also, the firm can focus on other core activities that need more focus and concentration. In addition to that, it is important to maintain a good relationship with the workers and employees because human resources are one of the greatest assets that a firm can have, so in order to satisfy them every firm may have some special incentives with boosts up their morale, and outsourcing the payroll service may timely provide those incentives without any delay that may motivate them and initially they will work hard to achieve the firm's objectives.        

Key advantages of outsourcing payroll service

  • If a firm wants to appoint an expert to carry out the payroll activities, then it may incur huge costs, such as adopting new technologies and devices needed for the tasks which may also incur some additional charges such as maintenance charges etc. So it is a good course of action to outsource your payroll services, hence, it is cost-effective
  • The top-level managers have to concentrate on other important issues related to the growth of the firm such as planning, setting up of standards etc. so it makes it burdensome for them to focus on payroll tasks, but if they outsource the service then they can get rid of the stress and frustration related to the paychecks, tax deductions, calculations etc.
  • The employees get more satisfaction if they are provided with timely deposits of their salary, if the firm delays their payment, it can result in a rise in hatred of the employees against the firm, which may decrease their loyalty and efficiency, but if the firm pays them on time then they will prosper. In fact, outsourcing payroll service helps the firm to pay salaries and wages timely.
  • Carrying out payroll within the firm is a sophisticated task as it involves a lot of paperwork. Also, the firm must have thorough knowledge regarding the laws and tax rates, so it becomes more complicated to carry this task in house, but if the firm acquires services from another institution, then they can perform these tasks smoothly.

Things to be known before carrying out in-house payroll services in UAE

The firm must be aware of the existing wage law in the land i.e. UAE has defined that remuneration provided to the employees must cover their basic needs and help them to survive. So it is mandatory to evaluate whether the paychecks provided are sufficient for the worker's survival if not there may be other consequences like the unsatisfied employees can approach the MoHRE in UAE where they can draft a complaint regarding unpaid and delayed salaries.

The other main aspect that should be highlighted is that the employers registered to MoHRE in UAE should also register themselves with Wages Protection System i.e. the employers should deposit the salaries or wages directly to the bank or financial body which are recognized by the central bank of the UAE. If they don’t do so then the firm will have to pay huge penalties to the UAE govt. In addition to that they may not be allowed to register with any new company, they may not be provided with the work permit, the company will be degraded to the bottom level. 

If a firm appoints more than 50 workers in their firm who are paid less than  AED 2000 per month, the company should provide the worker with appropriate food and accommodation facilities, if they may not provide it then it follows to other massive consequences. If the firm has decided to purchase the employee the new insurance policy i.e. Taa-meen which was approved by the UAE cabinet then the firm, then the amount of insurance must be duly deducted from the salary provided if not then the insurance policy may be nullified.

The above mentioned are some of the policies and the laws that a firm must follow in UAE while performing the payroll services. It turns out to be so much sophisticated for a firm to focus on all these activities, moreover, it will have to create a separate department to deal with the paychecks and salary payment which may incur huge resources. After realizing the consequences, it is efficient to adopt outsourcing of payroll service, because they may provide an accurate result with effective working which may avoid different consequences as stated above.

Payroll services by CDA

In Dubai, many companies prefer outsourcing their payroll services by approaching external institutions which are professionalized in dealing with the paychecks and calculations relating to it. The companies can rely on CDA for better payroll service in a personalized manner. 

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The CDA along with their trustworthy and dedicated experts perform the tasks in an efficient way, they have all the latest resources and potential to fulfil the tasks of their client. CDA is the combination of professionals with modern potential which makes it an absolute service renderer for the leading companies in Dubai.