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Post By: admin November 22 2021

Various Ways To Improve Your Accounting Strategy During An Economic Downturn

As most of the companies are struggling to overcome the present situation, many of them began to revise their books and accounts to identify the possible ways to cut costs and increase profitability. They were required to look beyond the break-even point in order to stay afloat. When Covid-19 hit, many small businesses were affected drastically due to cash flow troubles and they were forced to close down. One best way to face such downturns is to seek assistance from accounting firms to formulate better strategies and to vanquish the hardships of the pandemic.

Below are some tips that can guide you to overcome the economic downturns and help your company to prosper in future years:  

1. Making Adjustments In Strategies And Long-Term Goals

When an economic downturn affects a firm, it focuses mainly on the short-term goals and they try to put out the fire by sticking onto it, but along with that, the firms must always evaluate the long-term profitability of the firm including its continuity. Firms must prioritize the goals as per the financial analysis performed by the accounting department. They may be able to identify which product or service provided by the firm is more profitable and which is not, it can be used to execute a new strategy to overcome the downturn.

2. Strict Analysis Of Overall Costs Incurred By The Firm

When a firm undergoes an economic downturn then it tries to cut down the costs in order to earn satisfactory profit. The firm must try to cut down the costs which are not necessary. Talking about the operating costs the firm must cut off those repetitive costs which are hardly used. But while cutting off the expenses the firm must ensure that it doesn’t cut off the wrong expenses. Many times, when the firms plan to cut off the cost, they are not able to identify which expenses must be avoided and which must be maintained, so in order to avoid such a situation, it is always better to take the assistance of an accounting firm to accurately analyze the costs of the firm.

3. Try To Know Where You Are Earning And Losing Money

The firms must make an effort to revise the revenue forecast to ascertain the current situation and they must make alterations in the budget in accordance with the latest information about the prevailing situation. The firm must try to identify the product, services, or clients who are profitable and which are not. For this process the accounting firms can provide assistance by performing an assessment of the products and the clients which provide more profitability, this assessment report can be used to focus and shift its sales on the products and clients which are profitable. It may at first sound like a loss but cutting the least profitable products and customer helps the firm cut down the cost and overcome the downturn by just focusing on the profitable products and customers.

4. Keeping The Focus On The Core Competencies

When there is no economic crisis or downturn then the firms can focus on diversifying their activities even though it is risky, but it will provide more profits. During a pandemic or recession, it is always the best course to focus on existing profitable activities and clients rather than planning to diversify or investing in new projects about which you don’t have any sufficient information.

It is easy to steer the business to diversified paths when the sea is calm and the possibility of yielding high profits is also more. But when there is any downturn try to establish multiple sources of revenue that may provide financial stability to the firm. Approaching the accounting firm in order to get advice regarding the investments is one of the best ways to properly allocate the finance in a downturn.

5. Proper Management Of Cashflow

Managing the cash flow is the key to survival during a downturn. The firms must ensure that they have enough cash to cover the operating cost, the cash inflow must be analyzed and all the efforts must be put in to maintain a smooth cash flow, if there is a downturn then the clients will probably make late payments and the firms will also have to ensure that there is no shortage of cash infirm.

So, during such circumstances, the accounting team can help the firms by negotiating with the clients and collecting payments. The accounting team can provide the information about the clients who are liable to make the payments and the clients who are ready to make the payments through this information the firms can also identify the more profitable clients and can reinvest in such clients in the future.

How Can CDA Help You During A Downturn?

CDA is one of the most leading accounting and auditing firms in Dubai. It is known for its personalized and custom-tailored services which are provided to its clients. Covid-19 pandemic was a critical time for the businesses which forced them to revalue their accounts and books to stay afloat. During such a pandemic, accounting firms like CDA played a major role in providing assistance to firms that were struggling to overcome the downturn. And CDA with its professionalized and experienced team successfully helped its clients to tackle the situation without any abnormalities. CDA is always ready to render its accounting and auditing services to its clientele whenever they are in need of it. By approaching CDA’s professionalized team the entrepreneurs can prosper in business with peace of mind.