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Post By: admin August 24 2020

Importance of Data Analytics for Internal Audit

As we are living in a data-driven world it's very essential to adapt to the mundane of technology. Internal audit with the help of analytics helps to ensure the effectiveness of risk management and compliance processes. Integrating and properly embedding data analytics into internal audit approaches the best results. Evaluating the audit process without quantifiable analytics is extremely difficult, which makes the recording of metrics pivotal to successful internal audit initiatives. The data analytics is often twinned with the design of work patterns in inspecting, cleansing, transforming data. The major objective of data analytics is highlighting meaningful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. It can be risk-focused and performance-focused based on the audit performed. Applications of data analytics in internal audit are:

  • Evaluate all transactions and Identify anomalies in data, assess regulatory requirements
  • Identify data system integrity
  • Detects fraud and Identify in-house sources of fraud as well as those across supply chains
  • Investigate instances of asset misappropriation
  • Operational performance analysis through Identifying redundancies in transaction systems
  • Identify key performance and risk indicators
  • Internal controls are monitored-detecting and correct account reconciliations, codes of conduct and access controls
  • Identify weaknesses or failures in internal control procedures

Merits of Data Analytics for Internal Audit are:

1. Meets the company expectations at its par

Data analytics is the combination of real-time – problem-solving practice to meet the management needs. The management expectations are covered through the following:

  • Maintains the quality in the work
  • Practice in conducting audit coverage
  • Evaluates the financial impacts through finite budgeting

2. Compliance with regulatory standards

Data analytics helps the audit procedures with stronger assurance and quantifiable results which contributes to an organization's credibility. There is an integration of big data efficiently with the protocols of variety, velocity and volume. Considering the vision of the management the programmes can be re-run with the regulatory framework.

3. Competitive landscape for growth

Data analytics helps to strengthen capabilities of audit quality with the help of the latest tools, resource plan and timelines for the estimated efforts. On cleansing and formalising the data structure the gaps mismatches can be reduced. Planning and prioritising the data is the best tool to obtain sound results among the competitive environment. It also seeks new talent and skills by providing training and evaluating performance.

4. Enhance the business value with risk mitigation

As the data analytics provide deeper discussions on the hidden risks by providing insights to the management. It enables early detection and prevention of high-cost risks with more assurance coverage and credibility to the organisation. The business value is increased through asset recovery, reduced fines and increased labour efficiency. It helps to strengthen business relationships through data management.

5. Talent development and business partnership

With the help of data analytics, the business skills can be developed and the appeal to other staff members can be modified with positive vibes. It boosts the recruiting system in the company and the transition skills with the business partners in attaining a strong relationship.

6. Impactful quality in audit performance and reports

High-quality audit works are an asset to the company it attributes to quality assurance. The code verification, data quality standards and output validation lead to the readability and consistency in the audit work conducted. Assured protection to the data with encryptions.

CDA Data Analytics and Internal Audit

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