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Post By: admin April 27 2020

How to Stop Procrastinating on Your Finance?

Stop thinking and start doing the best way to get out of this messy behaviour of Procrastinating your finance. Most times our finances don’t function within the predetermined timeline and don’t maintain a system to meet the definitive due dates, which creates a last minute rush in closing of accounts leading to a messy situation. At times it can be a good idea to procrastinate our finances but beware of their after effects and their impacts. while engaging in financial procrastination, we bring out self-fulfilling predictions of the former practices. A proactive financial planning is an inevitable part in preventing the procrastination of finances. On time filing of receipts and bookkeeping helps in avoid the dilemma.

We would like to suggest basic steps to avoid the procrastination on your finances which includes: 

  • Be specific to your financial goals 

The right way to set your goal is creating a chart based on the duration in which it can be attained. There can be far reaching and narrow goals that can be named as short-term, mid-term and long term. The goal-setting process includes planning for the resources and time required to attain it. Prioritise goals and then it's easier to achieve it. Achieving each goal within the time limit creates confidence for further move. Bookkeepers maintain a target plan to complete their works by scheduling a good structure.

  • Build a budget and stick to it 

For building anything you need a base and same for budgeting, the net income earned acts as a base. Track the spending ways you follow and try to make adjustments, cut back accordingly which is the best way to budget. Often accounting functions keep in mind the financial goals by considering the fixed and variable expenses you compiled. Past spending habits helps in finding your variable expenses so that you can plan accordingly. Set the budget, continuously review it, find the flaws considering the working hours and quality of work.

  • Create manageable steps to meet the deadlines

Manageable steps can include creating a deep work approach in money management. Which comprises setting up a work plan, scheduling the work and allotting it and also the use of best accounting software set up can reduce the procrastination of financial works. Also make sure you maintain security measures for all the paperwork and maintain a track of it.

  • Enhance your stake and savings 

Rather than losing, try to gain by investing more into holdings. Small investments can pay you huge in the future. On time completion of work helps in avoiding fines and penalties which acts as savings. Money value varies from time to time, so building investing habits in the form of time quality can take you to highly sound financial security. Which gives you a positive reinforcement that you need for dreaming on big picture business.

  • Focus on your debts and cover it up in a short span 

Paying debts enhances financial freedom in future. Are you in huge debts then it's high time to get your finances in order. Consider early payments of debts as a form of investment function. Which will create a goodwill along with confidence for further investment options. Clearing a debt is like adding more into your piggy bank. Holding debts and their interests takes away your mental peace, go for real time settlement rather than procrastinating.

  • Segregation of duties

Segregation means separation of duties to the team for maintaining more control over recording the transactions. Maintaining a different department within the organisation can bring more structured business. Accounts receivable, payables, inventory teams can set timely data management along with proper technology support. 

  • Implement Internal Control procedures 

Internal controls are the set of rules and regulations set by the internal audit team for preventing fraud and errors, to maintain systematic accounting information. It enhances the efficiency of financial reporting by improving its accuracy. A set of internal control measures can reduce the procrastination of finances and maintain timely recording. Our experts help to set internal control measures and conduct internal audits periodically.

Instead of making excuses just go and do it now. Let's not go for tomorrow, it's today which demands it. Keep some buffer money to protect you from huge debts in future so start planning to do your work today than to put off another day.

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