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Post By: admin January 31 2022

How to Amend VAT Registration in UAE

For all the businessmen and entrepreneurs VAT may be a common term by now after its implementation in UAE on 1st January 2018.  All business enterprises have to get registered with VAT if it acquires a turnover exceeding AED 375000 annually.  After the registration, there may arise the need for some amendments in the details of the firm in the VAT application. These amendments must be informed to the FTA within 20 days from the day of the change made. Such amendments can be easily done online. Below is the procedure which must be followed while making amendments to the profile.
Some of the changes made may require prior approval from the FTA and some may not require approval.

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For the changes which don’t require approval, the procedure below can be followed:

1. First of all, visit FTA’s VAT registration online portal
2. Then you must find your approved VAT registration application under the dashboard tab
3. Click on the ‘edit’ button in order to update any information related to the following:
    a)  Addition or changes relating to the business activities.
    b)  GCC activities of the firm
    c)   Edit or update customs registration information
4.  After making the required amendments click on submit. The changes will then automatically reflect in the profile.

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For the changes which require the approval of the FTA, the below procedure must be followed:

1. The first step in order to amend the details is to notify the FTA about the changes to be made in writing.
2. If the FTA approves the changes to be made then these details can be amended.
3. After the approval click on the ‘amendment’ button and then you can make changes in the following sections: 

   a) You can change your business details
   b) You can change the bank details of the business
   c) You can modify the VAT application
   d) You can update the declarations
   e) You can update the business relations
   f) You can make changes regarding the actual or estimated financial transactions only after getting the approval
   g) Changes regarding the import and exports only after receiving the approval
  h) Making changes regarding details related to authorized signatory or communication preferences.

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4. After making the amendment cross-check all the details and ensure it is correct. After ensuring that click on the 'review and submit' button.

Fields that are prohibited from direct amendments

The following is the list of fields that cannot be directly altered:
1. In the section of ‘About the VAT application’ the ‘Exception from VAT registration’ cannot be changed directly.
2. In the Declaration section, the 'Notification language change' field cannot be directly updated
3. The Communication preference section also cannot be updated directly by the firm.

If by any means the firms which are registered to VAT, failing to notify the Federal Tax Authority regarding the changes or updates made then such firms will be liable to pay a penalty of AED 5000 for the first and this amount will increase to AED 15000 if repetitions are made. Hence, all business firms must be aware of the VAT registration process and also the procedure to make amendments in VAT registration UAE, this can avoid the firm from paying penalties to the authorities.
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