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financial planning tips for startups dubai
Post By: admin March 24 2020

Financial Planning Tips For Startupreneurs & Professionals In Dubai

Most start-ups fail due to running out of cash? If you are among them just start to low your expenses, to remain in longevity. No one knows what’s going to happen next in business better be prepared for any worst situation, so go for financial planning, It creates a timeline to follow your financial goals. These financial goals must be realistic in nature. There are two ways for planning the finance for your business: one is done by the proprietor himself and other is through the assistance from a professional financial planner. Financial planners are the best for Start-up runners so that they can focus on their investments and their returns in long run. Sometimes financial planning act as a GPS, to identify how much is left and how far to go? Every startupreneurs invests to part with money and puts it to grow subsequently. Financial planning is all about creating long lasting wealth. A well esteemed financial plan entails coordination and allocation of resources through the organization. 

The tips to financial planning for startupreneurs & professionals in Dubai are mentioned below:

Plan and Separate Business and Personal Expenses

Planning is the tentative soul for the functioning of any business. Through a systematic plan business expenses should be treated as a separate entity from your personal life. This implies that your business funds should not be mixed up with your personal expenses, even if you are the owner of the business. According to accounting entity concept the proprietor is different from its owner. So that the books of accounts must be maintained separately and also income and expense of the business must be maintained in separate books of accounts. On differentiating the accounts one can enjoy the benefits like tax relaxations and asset shielding.

Decision Towards Funding

As a startupreneur before taking decisions on investments a few things pop up on your mind including the source of fund to be invested, might have to choose between either the in-house money or the third-party funding. Always go with the cost-effective nature of the business. There should not be a rethinking on the forgone opportunity. Use reliable sources of funds which are easily available and worthy for the business. As risk is an inevitable part of the business the only key which can drive you forward is focus. Your decisions must be tightly aligned to the financial goals and plans.

Monitor and Control Cash Flow

Cash flow management is the backbone of every business. Cash flow means that cash inflow and cash outflow to the business. By monitoring and controlling cash flow you will understand where you are at,the major sources of money, the real flow of cash and the growth of the organisation. The net cashflow shows the financial health of the company. Positive cash flow depicts the increase in the liquid assets, new investments and debt settlement. It supports a buffer against financial dilemmas.

Plan and Create Emergency Funds

Emergency fund is a fund that you can fall back on at the hour of crisis or for unexpected and unplanned scenarios, and not for meeting your routine expenses. Planning and creation of emergency fund are only for meeting the uncertainties in start-ups so, you must design it specifically to meet. Target unanticipated financial shortfalls that may apply to you. The planning of emergency funds is only for meeting uncertainties that effect to the financial goal of the organisation. Emergency funds are the building blocks to financial stability of the firms if the, organisation is goal-oriented. The tips include:

  • Setting monthly income
  • Setting saving plan
  • Set emergency goal
  • Maintain a source of fund
  • Stick to the working plan

Plan Your Financial Goal

In order to manage your money, you should maintain a working budget for each month. It puts you in control of your money. It lets you to track your spending and helps to measure whether you meet your financial goals. A good budget will help to take each financial step as it arises. You should maintain a monthly and an annual budget to make this work effectively. Financial goals are targets, usually driven by specific future financial needs. You should define some goals and targets in your business, which needs to be fulfilled regularly so that you can work effectively and your business can remain in profit forever. There are three steps to plan financial goal in your start-ups in Dubai

  • Define your goal clearly.
  • Identify your time frame. 
  • Monitor your progress.

Plan For Timely Analysis 

It’s a challenging process to act timely to bring better outcomes. On-time analysis helps to make informed decisions especially in financial aspects and ensure you are on the right track of your financial goals. Timely delivery of information brings insights to operations and resource allocations. Creating a well-experienced team and culture can always harness your plans and policies in a well systematic manner.

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