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Post By: admin June 17 2020

Six Major Factors to Consider While Choosing an Auditor for Your Business

Before choosing an auditor for your business, a few questions can come to your mind such as trust, guarantee on their capacity to handle your audit within the timeframe, and deadlines you require. You need to feel confident in the auditor that he shows a genuine understanding of your business and industry. Auditing is not a one-way job it requires the cooperation and attention of the management for the best services. Considerable thought should be given before selecting an auditor due to the consistency that an auditor should maintain in the financial health of the business.  Always keep in mind that there are illusions of choices which can mislead you and trap in the pitfalls of wrong reputations.

For a streamlined business you need a right auditor, so don’t settle less for your clients during this high-stake time.  Here are some factors to be considered before choosing an auditor for your business and these factors can protect you from poor experiences.

Price for the services

Price is the principal factor to be considered, the cost-effectiveness plays a major role in the financial stability of the firm. The price is determined based on the size of the firm and the revenue earned. The number of transactions, internal control procedures and the management system prevailing, all acts as an underlying element. Apart from this, the expertise of the auditor is also considered for the price set up. The perfect audit reports enhance brand value and public image.

Reputation in the Industry

Finding more about the strengths and weaknesses of the auditor can help you to understand their reputation in the market. Mostly you need to be confident with them so you should not fall for the wrong reputations, always make a thorough study on the auditors and then assign them for the work.

Relationship with the Auditor

For a smooth audit work, there must be a good relationship with the auditor and management. It helps the audit team to hold up under the stress to complete within the deadlines. 

A good relationship pays way to good communication so the management could disclose all the material facts regarding the financials and avoid any kind of creative work in the audit reports

Experience and certifications

On Interviewing the prospective auditors and their performance evaluation you can find the right one for your service requirement. It would be worthwhile on enquiring the expertise and knowledge of the audit firms in non-audit areas too. Rather than relying on the client portfolio and online portals a thorough study must be done on their industry experience along with the originality of their certifications from international organizations.

Technical knowledge

Make sure the auditor for your business is using technology and data analytics to perform your audit, Technology can digest entire data to assess findings, interpreting and business implications. With the use of the right audit software’s more proactive advice and future-focused actions can be taken to maintain transparency in the financials.

Procedures for Quality Assurance

The auditor should be able to demonstrate how their professional service quality is made which include compliance with auditing standards and reporting best practices. For example peer reviews, regular technical training to auditors, professional development programs within the firm or external services etc.

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