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checklist for internal audit
Post By: admin September 13 2022

What Are The Checklists For An Internal Audit In A Business Firm In UAE?

What is meant by an internal audit checklist?

An internal audit checklist can be referred to as a tool or a document that acts as a guide or a reference to the internal auditors while performing the audit by providing the standards that are to be evaluated in the process and monitoring the current performance of the company. It helps the auditors perform the audit effectively. It also assists in ensuring that the company complies with all the laws and regulations.

What are the contents included in the internal audit checklist?

The contents of the internal audit checklist may vary from firm to firm depending on the objectives of each audit. General contents that may be included are listed below:

  • Understanding and identifying the context of the firm

In this process, the organization tries to evaluate the internal and external bottleneck areas to detect them and to take special care of such areas while conducting the internal audit services in Dubai. It includes making a list of vital functions of the business that must be concentrated on critically.

  • Validating the strategic plan

In this section, the risks and opportunities of the firm are identified. It examines the goals set by the organization and ensures that the operations conducted are on the same page as the goals of the firm. It also identifies the goals of the employees and compares them with those of the firm's goals to know if they are in the same line. Through this process, the auditors validate the strategic plan.

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  • Support required

This section ensures that the auditors are provided with the required support and resources for conducting the audit. The organization must provide all the required facilities and resources so that the auditors can finish their task without any delay.

  • Evaluation of operation

This section checks whether the organization performs all its operations as per the plan and the schedule. It involves the timely supply of goods and services. It focuses on the relationships maintained by the firm with the clients and the contracts entered into with them, etc.

  • Evaluation of performance

This section ensures that the organization meets its performance standards on time and effectively. It continuously keeps on monitoring the performance and takes corrective measures in case of any deviations.

  • Examines finance and regulatory compliance.

It ensures that the organization follows the financial standards and stays in compliance with the regulations of the land. If there seems to be any discrepancy, it provides a guide to solve it and avoid any mishaps.

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Benefits of internal audit checklist

  1. It plays the role of a reference point for the auditors and also for the organization, which may indicate the intervals at which an audit should be conducted.

  2. It facilitates transparent communication between the organization and the auditor, by providing all the material facts to both parties as per their requirements.

  3. It serves as objective evidence in the case of an internal audit.

  4. It ensures a consistent approach is made regarding the internal audit by the organization.

  5. It's the evidence of the performance of an audit that can be used to convince other stakeholders and boost their confidence.

  6. It provides complete assistance to the auditors

  7. It helps to ensure if the auditors have performed their responsibilities without any delay and whether all the departments are audited or not.

  8. It acts as a pre-audit plan for the audit, which may help the auditors and organization to estimate the time that may be required to conduct the audit and the requirement of resources for conducting such an internal audit.

  9. It ensures uniformity among all the auditors appointed by the organization. 

  10. It helps to examine the quality and performance potential of an organization.


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