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Post By: admin August 19 2020

Cash Flow Management by CFO During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing widespread concern across the world, many companies are striving to module proactive measures like stress tests to tackle the unprecedented supply chain disruption and risks. During this recession looming time, cash and liquidity are paramount for the business. Operating cash flow challenges during this pandemic creates unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty on a global scale. On hiring CFO services, you avail secure and strengthened financing sources and appearance by cutting non-essential spending. Many companies have not generated their revenue as much during COVID-19 pandemic. So, the main focus of a CFO is to manage the fund position and maintain the company’s liquidity and cash flow. CFOs leverage the liquidity to enhance income.

The four fundamental steps for strong cash management adopted by CFOs are:

Cash Management

  • Cash management urges to understand your capital needs during this volatile slowing economy, focus on your daily cash needs and take a critical view of operations, existing income forecasting processes and understand how potential disruptions to operations may affect liquidity.
  • Performs, scenario analyses on your financial and cash forecast and understand how that interacts with short-term liquidity needs. This exercise helps to shape any short-term management decisions.
  • Strategically manage capital and minimize new inventory purchases to get cash. Take a critical check on payable outstanding. Assess cost requirements and defer non-essential spending if possible.

Cost Optimization

  • Develops a cost-benefit analysis to combat the market conditions rather than cost-cutting on diminishing value.
  • Review fixed and variable costs carefully and determine what costs you really got to run the business.
  • Develop and monitor cost reduction initiatives by instituting policies that encourage and reward cost savings and conservation.

Evaluate Customers and Suppliers

During this economic crisis, businesses could see increased pressure on the purchasing power and credit-worthiness of consumers. The following points to ponder can help you for easy valuation:

  • Make sure your customers are financially healthy
  • Re-evaluate credit terms of every new customer before extending credit
  • Continuously monitor accounts to gather receivables timely
  • Negotiate for the foremost favourable credit terms with suppliers
  • Critically evaluate your supplier base to work out if your current agreement remains the foremost favourable for your business

Communicate Priorly with Lenders

Communicate with your early and sometimes, explaining any situations plan to deal with them. Existing lenders might be your fastest source of additional liquidity. Engaging key stakeholder and lender discussions early can deal with your immediate potential financial challenges by availing the financial resources on time. It smoothens the business functioning during tough economic times.

Accelerate the use of Technology and Investments

  • Real-time cash forecasting: The access to near-real time cash position data helps in modelling and analysis to simulate cash forecasts across a variety of scenarios.
  • New technology enablement: The techniques like data, analytics and AI also as information extraction, dialogue management, fuzzy matching and reasoning.
  • End-to-end investment and returns visibility: Availability of integrated data can help CFOs to initiate an ongoing evaluation of investments, revisit the returns of committed projects and reassess resource allocation, with all cash returns modelled to portfolio profitability.

Adopt an investor’s mindset and more innovative practices

Many CFOs highlight the importance of demonstrating capital discipline during this pandemic by translating an investor mindset into a day-to-day management style. That could also mean adopting innovative finance processes:

  • Moving away from a typical, annual capital-budgeting process toward a more agile one with flexible budgets
  • Quick decision making

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We recommend hiring an experienced CFO to manage your cash flow during this COVID-19 pandemic because an expert CFO can help you recover from the economic downturn through effective management of cash and your business finance.