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Post By: admin August 30 2019

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services for Your Business in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has been witnessing a vast expansion of business for the last so many years and the need of legal assistance for maintaining the Books of Accounts properly is becoming more imperative. The UAE Commercial Company Law 2015 and the UAE VAT Law specify the necessity of keeping proper Books of Account for minimum 5 years. There are several benefits of outsourcing accounting services for your business. It may be difficult for a business to manage the Accounting Activities within when competing with others and to comply with the legal requirements in the fast-growing economy of the region. So Outsourcing Accounting Services can be a better option for them to move forward. An accounting outsourcing firm can assist a business in reducing the company’s operating costs, increasing profits and establishing yardsticks for superior ascendancy and consistency to regulations.  

What is Outsourcing Accounting services?  

Outsourcing Accounting services is a business practice of having the accounting function done outside the company rather than having it done by the in-house department. Outsourced accounting is a service that provides a full, accounting department experience, especially for small businesses. An accounting department handles the day-to-day transaction coding, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, management financial reporting and many other services. 

Why Outsourcing is important for a business?

Outsourcing is a change in the usual practice in a company. Though it may have certain risks like weak management, inexperienced staff, business uncertainty, outdated technology skills, etc., it’s a great choice for a business to make the work process easier to manage.  When a company chooses to outsource the Accounting & Bookkeeping services, it can continue to focus on its core business areas and improve. It avoids the risk and costs of hiring more employees and to gain access to outside expertise that they could not afford otherwise. Accounting is not a core competency for most businesses. 

How does bookkeeping help a business?

The main purpose of book-keeping is to keep a complete and accurate record of all the financial transactions in a systematic, orderly and logical mode. This ensures that the financial effects of these transactions are reflected in the books of accounts. It is a tool used by management to analyze business performance. 

The followings are some of the Bookkeeping services that help a business:

  • Preparation of Chart of Accounts
  • Billing for services or goods sold
  • Keeping the records of receipts from customers
  • To verify and record the invoices from suppliers
  • To Deal out employees' payment and the related governmental reports
  • To Record depreciation and other adjusting entries
  • To make the entry for the Bank Details
  • To allocate the account entries
  • Value-added bookkeeping and month-end or year-end closing

Benefits of Daily Bookkeeping 

If you own a small business, keeping up-to-date financial records is essential for your success. You should update your books as often as you can. Here are certain major benefits of daily bookkeeping:

  • It helps you know your Financial Situation
  • It Improves Decision-making
  • It makes your Work Easier
  • It maintains your Small Business
  • It makes Problem-solving Easier

Daily Bookkeeping will enable you to identify any problems early and solve them before they become worse. You can identify any deceitful activity and correct it before it causes irreparable damage to your business

Benefits of outsourced accounting services & how it save an organization's money and help the business to boon?

Outsourcing bookkeeping and account function is currently stronger in UAE when cloud accounting solutions are effectively replacing bookkeeping and businesses are facing ongoing challenges like cost control and skill shortages. An outsourced accounting firm can help a business to boon in the following ways: 

  • Bookkeeping Advice: Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions which include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization or corporation. An outsourced accounting firm can offer timely advice to an organisation to maintain the details in time and to avoid any future issues or delay.
  • Business Advisory Services: An outsourced accounting firm can make strategic plans for the growth of a business. They team up with the clients to help them solve their multifaceted industry issues and make the most of the opportunities to grow, optimize and protect their business. They are not only maintaining the accounting, but also providing a platform to drive profits, improve cash flow, and grow business. 
  • Cash-Flow Advice: An outsourced accounting firm can give solutions to improve overall cash flow management and prepare you to solve cash flow problems before they happen in the future. They can give advice for a Positive Cash Flow and find measures to check Negative Cash Flow. 
  • Cost Control: An outsourced accounting firm can safeguard the business by giving effective cost control measures and lead the organization to profit-making. It can predict future costs and revenues, and check for compliance with financial regulations. It can help a business to avoid the risk and costs of hiring more employees and to gain access to outside expertise that the business could not manage to pay for otherwise.
  • Avoid Tax Penalties: An outsourced accounting firm can help an organization to avoid tax penalties. The rules and regulations regarding the filing of tax and preparation are updated from time to time. So it is necessary to keep a track of all the changes made to these policies. Any mistake while preparing or filing taxes is costly and attract penalty. If you outsource these tasks, it will be done by experts who stay updated and acclimatize to all changes and guarantee complete precision and compliance with the presently applicable policies.

Other than these, there are many other benefits that a business can get by being outsourced. These include:  

  • Saving Time and Money and Minimizing Overhead
  • Getting Access to Expert Accounting Resources
  • Reducing the Risk Factor
  • Getting Access to Financial Data Anytime and Anywhere
  • Rest Assured Your Finances Are in Order
  • Become Proactive and Scale Your Business
  • Automate and Go Green
  • Keep Your Finances Private and Confidential
  • Choose to Expand or Cut Back
  • Ensure Payroll is Done Timely
  • More accuracy
  • Easy to handle
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Benefit from the expertise of the outsourcing accounting firm
  • Minimizing the Risk

The role of CDA Accounting and BookKeeping Services LLC

CDA Accounting and Book Keeping Services LLC is a committed squad and an effective Accounting Machine. We lead Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping services and transform your finance function. We not only maintain your accounting, but also provide a podium to drive profits, improve cash flow, and grow your business. Our clients stay in peace of mind as we assure efficiency and actionable financial astuteness they need to succeed. We also offer Financial Advisory Services, Tax Consulting Services, Management Consulting Services, Company Registration for VAT in UAE, Internal Audit For Company, Business Advisory Services, etc., in UAE.

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