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part time accounting services in dubai
Post By: admin November 29 2019

Advantages Of Part Time Accounting Services In Dubai


The reputation of Part-time Accounting services in Dubai and UAE is increasing due to the implementation of VAT. The new tax scheme has affected the manoeuvre and nature of a business and the calculation of tax as well. Dubai has been becoming a worthwhile business centre for both the well-known companies and start-ups. The friendly commercial atmosphere and the challenging set-up are highly appropriate for a new business.Compassionate government policies and transparency make the place striking for stockholders.

If you have just started a business or you are willing to expand your current business in the UAE, you should need the services of an accountant, especially an outsourced part-time accountant. 

All the registered companies are required to keep the Accounting Records for five years. Outsourcing your Accounting & bookkeeping work will be indeed advantageous for your businesses in order to comply with the Tax regulations and the law of the land. 

 Hiring a Part-Time accountant can provide you with added rewards. 

Advantages of Part-Time Accounting Services in Dubai

Accounting plays a dynamic role to run your business successfully. But as a business owner, you may not have enough time to accomplish your accounting work as you have to concentrate on other things or you may not be a maven in accounting field. So, for the sake the success of your business, hiring a professional accounting service provider is the best option.

There are various advantages that a Part-Time accountant in Dubai and UAE could deliver.

  • High level of precision

Since they are experts in accounting, they know how to manage accounting data precisely. Their experience will be a boost for your business. 

  • Use latest technology

Unfitting accounting records can levy huge penalties on your business during tax season. An accounting service provider can give you access to the latest software and thus reduce the chance of errors, and keep your company moving forward.

  • Save money

A Part-Time accounting service provider saves your money as you don’t want to deliver extra benefits such as life insurance, leaves, holidays, pension plans, etc.., to your service provider as you offer to an in-house employee. You will only pay to the accounting services you are getting at a particular time. They will provide you the exact results. Moreover, this accounting process is comparatively inexpensive.

  • Save time

A Part-Time accounting service provider saves your time as you don’t want to spend your precious time on accounting. Accounting service providers will help you to stand away from needless stress and leave you with enough time to concentrate on your core business tasks.

  • Leverage productivity

A Part-Time accounting service provider leverages the overall business productivity by leaving you focus on revenue-generating business activities. You can examine the real financial strength of your business, and advance accordingly.

  • Prevent Fraud

Part-Time accounting service professionals will keep all your business payments, profits, expenses and financial development up to date with their effective management. Since you get a detailed record of all the financial statements, it will help you in fraud prevention and forthcoming decision making.

  • Enhance Value 

The Part-Time accountants have the experience of working with various companies; hence they will be eminent in the market. It would bring added values to your company. By hiring different accountants, you can select the best for your concern as a Full-Time Accountant later.

  • Give Accomplished Knowledge 

Since the part time accountants have been working with different companies, they will be knowledge accomplished on the accounting services and tools. This will be an additional benefit for any company who hires a Part-Time Accountant. A Part-Time Accountant is a well-trained professional also. 

  • Provide Lissom Timing

The Part-Time Accountants do not have a fixed calendar for his work. So, a company can get the service according to their expediency and gets the work done in time. 

  • Provide Updated accounting records

You can get all possible accounting related reports and information updated on a regular basis from professional accounting firms. The use of the latest accounting technology can help give modified reports to business which helps in making important financial decisions.

  • Dodge Bank reconciliation reservations

Bank reconciliation will be a big headache and time-consuming process in terms of keeping track of all the payment through banks. A part-time accounting service provider can handle these issues in a better way and keep you away from the worries. The service provider can help in better and timely cash flows from accounts payable and accounts receivables.

  • Submit Tax Returns and pay Taxes on time

Part-time accounting service providers have the moral responsibility for the timely submission of the tax returns on behalf of the business organisation they represent. It saves late penalty, fines & other legal actions of the government, and the goodwill of your business.

The Services Provided by Accounting Firms

  • Preparation of the Trial Balance Sheet 
  • Preparation of the Auditing Schedules 
  • Preparation of the Income Statement 
  • Preparation of the Balance Sheet 
  • Preparation of the Cash Flow Statement (CFS) 
  • Preparation of the Accounts Receivable Entry 
  • Preparation of the Accounts Payable Entry 
  • Preparation of the Bank Reconciliation Statement 
  • Preparation of the Bank Cash Book 


Accounting is the mainstay of any business organisation. Now a days these organisations are not only looking for cost effective solutions to non-core activities but also assume to add value in order to achieve better figures in cash flows. Therefore, outsourcing accounting services will surely help rationalise fundamental business operations of organisations.

CDA is a pioneer in providing part-time accounting services in Dubai and all over the UAE. It’s a team of highly competent and skilled accounting professionals. CDA offers categorically skilled and professional Part-Time Accountants who are cost effective for your company and in compliance with universal canons. Our professionally qualified and experienced Part-Time Accountants will reach at your company’s door-step and solve all your accounting and bookkeeping work at your premises and will prepare for you all necessary reports and information as per your needs. 

CDA’s Result Oriented Approach on bookkeeping gives more flexibility in number of transactions and frequency of Visits. We stick on the deadline and accuracy of the monthly report. This helps the business organisation to plan accordingly and to take decision with regard to the monthly productivity.

Other than the Part-Time Accounting Services, CDA offers all other business-related services like CFO services, Internal & External Audit Services, Audit in Free Zone, VAT Filing Services, and many other services related to your business needs. 

Feel good to contact us as our expert will give you one of our free consultations on your enquiries on your business needs.