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Internal Audit & Restructuring Corporate

Internal Audit of your organization can be beneficial in many ways. It can help you increase the efficiency of operations, enable reliable reporting of finance statements, comply with the various regulations set by the government of Dubai and offer transparency and safety for your resources, employees and stakeholders. In light of all these, if you have an organization based in Dubai, you should conduct full-time or interim internal audits.

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Internal Audit and Restructuring Corporate Services

Internal Audit services from CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC have been designed to work seamlessly. As the administrator of an organization, you have fewer things to worry about. We carry out all the internal audits with a risk-based approach in mind. Our professional analysts and auditing experts create a clear understanding of the company and check if it complies with the golden rules of management as well as auditing needs. Post-analysis, CDA can also offer recommendations that would enable sustainable change in the organization. This is done by diagnosing the major issues, especially the bottleneck areas of the overall financial procedure. These areas are then optimized by bringing in the best control procedures. CDA can also help you establish and maintain financial co-ordination between various departments in your organization. It will be helpful when it comes to monitoring and controlling the critical procedures.


CDA has been offering internal auditing services in Dubai for more than five years and the team has ample experience with organizations from various industries. A disciplined approach makes sure that no aspects of the organization are left unturned. Thanks to the years of experience, CDA can understand the big number of legalities and compliance requirements in the whole ordeal. At the end of the day, customers don’t have to worry about potential risks either. CDA team has been well-trained when it comes to risk advisory service, regardless of the size and niche of the organization.


At the end of the day, internal audit and restructuring corporate services from CDA offer not just satisfactory control but also risk management capability and cost-control financial practices to every organization.

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