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Post By: admin July 13 2020

Why Business Valuation For Your Business in Dubai?

Each time the management of the company dreams to maximise the company’s worth and shareholders wealth. If you ever commit to get a brand-new business or sell associate, the primary and foremost issue you wish to try and do is to seek out the worth of the business. It’s conjointly applicable to grasp the value of business presently running. Imagine you have got your start-up, then once a precise amount says, a year or two, it becomes a mandate to spot the start-up valuation. This cannot solely give you the business worth however, will assist you to grow it within the gift by bridging the loopholes gap so it holds a vast worth within the future. Since Dubai is one of the quickest developing industrial hubs, it could be home to several international expats that represent an oversized variety of entrepreneurs, investors and employees. 

The UAE government has been adapting the attainable measures to determine it as the world’s business hub. Within the method of doing, therefore, it sets bound mandates for business entities. One such mandate is implementing business valuation services that ought to be followed by a company despite its structure, size and therefore the nature of the business. Business Valuation could be a fascinating topic because it needs associate degree understanding of financial analysis techniques so as to estimate worth, and for acquisitions, it conjointly needs sensible negotiating and plan of action skills required to fix the value to be paid. An organisation is considered valuable not for its past performance, except for what it's and its ability to form worth to its varied stakeholders in future. 

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Therefore, it's not decent simply to review the past performance of an organisation rather we tend to perceive the atmosphere and its internal resources and intellectual capital so as to measure it's future earning capabilities. 

There are 3 broad approaches to Business Valuation:

  1. Assets-based
  2. Income-based
  3. Cash flow-based


The most usually used asset-based approach to valuation is done on the assets. This method is employed to determine the distinction between the true value of its assets and liabilities. The asset-based approach uses the current value of a company’s tangible net assets as the key determinant of fair market value. The asset-based approach provides a useful check on the values preferably. The business is calculable as being well worth its net assets.


The market approach determines the fair market value of comparable companies and assets. The stock market activity is considered in deriving various value measures to apply. There are 2 market approaches that are primarily used once valuing a business:

  • Guideline Transaction Method:  It values a business supported rating multiples derived from the sale of firms that are almost like the parent company.
  • Guideline Public Company Method: It values a business supported commerce multiples derived from publicly listed firms that are almost like the parent company.


The valuation method is based on the operating cash flows after deducting the capital expenditures, It is taken before the interest payments to debt holders. The factoring inequity and discounting of cash flows at a discount rate at the cost of financing projects at the firm.


1. Attracts and pursue the investors to invest more funds 

Business valuation services provide the company’s real value which eventually attracts the investors towards your business and enhances the stable growth of your business. It improves funding and negotiates with financial organisations to make more investments.

2. Encourages the financial restructuring of the company

On understanding the fundamentals of the valuation, the owners can go for capital restructuring and asset planning which enhances the markets share and public image of the company. The real values of assets and liabilities can be portrayed and decisions can be made.

3. Improves the goodwill of the company and builds trust 

A proper business valuation gives an exact picture of your business and improves your market value based on the market environment. Financial institutions can be easily convinced with clear records and funds can be availed for future expansion.

4. Enables to take long-term decisions on merger and acquisitions.

The value of your business helps to make decisions concerning your business expansion whether to buy or not based on the fair value prevailing in the market approach.

5. Supports business planning and reorganisation based on the valuation

A better understanding of the cashflow factors, assets of the company helps to forecast a business environment with growth and solvency. While planning to expand location, manpower, equipment and plant are all important which can be ascertained through the fair value.

Why choose CDA?

When it comes to business valuation in Dubai, CDA conducts an in-depth cost benefit analysis to get a total understanding of the industry, the business risks, cash flow expectations, and many other situations. So, it is always advisable that the business valuation process must be done by a valuation expert. 

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CDA Business Valuation experts in Dubai can provide you with informed insights into the valuation process and help you to either sell the business for a worth price or take the right decision to invest in a worthy business. CDA services cover a wide range of business services that includes CFO Services, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, Accounting Software services, Due Diligence Services, and Tax Filing & VAT Consultancy services, Auditing Services in Dubai

Any queries regarding business valuation in Dubai? Feel good to contact us. CDA is there for your assistance. Our expert will give you one-hour Free Consultation to keep your reservations away!