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Post By: admin March 30 2023

Top 20 Audit Firms in Dubai

Auditors and auditing firms are important aspects of any business market, anywhere in the world. The use of auditors is necessitated by international business transactions. In this way, you get the assurance that you are dealing with reputed businesses and that you are a worthy business associate for potential business partners.

Known for its thriving central hub, UAE (United Arab Emirates) is one of the most popular destinations for businesses. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to the fact that UAE provides a comfortable environment for business people. Here in this article, we provide you with the best and leading audit firms in Dubai. 

Leading Audit Firms in Dubai

Finding the top audit firms in Dubai is always tricky, but with the right research, you can find the best firm that offers the best financial service. Hiring a reasonable yet trustworthy and reputable audit firm will be the best thing that will work for your business. The below list will give you a clear about some of the top accounting and audit firms in Dubai to help you with your accounts and finance.

  1. CDA Audit 

CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping LLC is one of the leading audit firms in Dubai. The parent company of the brand CDA Accounting is Charles & Darwish Associates, which functions as the accounting unit, whereas CDA Chartered Accountants functions as the audit unit. CDA Audit provides quality auditing, accounting, and business consulting services for each of its clients with the best profitability. CDA Auditing is a team of seasoned chartered accountants in Dubai. The company offers the best financial and accounting services to its clients.

  1. Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young (EY), one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting and auditing firms, is a global professional services firm. KPMG, Deloitte, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) are among the other major big four firms. Ernst & Young is the third largest firm in terms of global revenue after PwC and Deloitte. 

  1. Deloitte

One of the best-reputed auditing firms in Dubai, Deloitte is a world leader in risk advisory, auditing, consulting, financial advisory, and other related services. The global network of member firms and related entities in more than 150 countries and territories (collectively called the ‘Deloitte organisation) serves four out of every Fortune Global 500® company. Deloitte offers different types of audits such as statutory audits, operational audits, compliance audits, and other financial services for varied sectors. 

  1. Bens Chartered Accountants

Bens Chartered Accountants is a rapidly emerging and prominent auditing firm in Dubai. The company is the culmination of independent professional firms in London, Islamabad, and Dubai. The company provided services such as CFO services, Corporate Tax, VAT Advisory, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, Internal & External Audit, and more.

  1. Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton LLP, a member firm of Grant Thornton International, is one of the world’s leading and seventh-largest accounting networks in terms of total fee income. Grant Thornton LLP has a leading presence in Dubai and all over the UAE. Grant Thornton LLP is the sixth-largest consulting and accounting firm in the United States.

  1. PwC [PricewaterhouseCoopers]

PwC or PricewaterhouseCoopers is well reputed and established auditing firm in Dubai. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, PwC is the one the largest professional services firms in terms of revenue. PwC is a leading member of the ‘Big Four’ companies.

  1. PKF UAE

PKF UAE is a leading auditing firm in Dubai with a global network of accounting firms. PKF UAE’s 220 members operate under the brand name PKF in more than five regions, with a spread of about 150 countries. The company has over 20,000 professionals working for them under the PKF brand worldwide. PKF UAE represents its promise of a common understanding by its firms about what it does and represents a consistent promise for its clients.

  1. AA Consultancy

AA Consultancy is an award-winning group of accounting and auditing companies in Dubai. AA Consultancy is one of the best auditing firms in Dubai, catering to a wide range of solutions concerning the successful running and setup of business organisations in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Quantum Auditing

One of the best auditing firms in Dubai, Quantum Auditing provides the best expertise and value to clients for thriving in their businesses while improving the adaptability and efficiency of the enterprise in a competitive market.

  1. RVG Chartered Accountants

RVG Chartered Accountants is a leading provider of auditing services in Dubai, established in the year 2000. RVG Chartered Accountants is a global provider of the best auditing and accounting services that are proven to be exceptional in the industry.

  1. Zaidi Accountants

M Zaidi & Co. is a leading auditing firm in Dubai with the best practises. M Zaidi & Co. provides high-value and cost-effective solutions to its clients so that all of their accounting and auditing needs are met with the greatest success.

  1. Reyson Badger

Reyson Bedger is one of the leading and most reputed auditing and accounting firms in Dubai, UAE. Reyson Bedger has a well-integrated team of professionals who have the best expertise in auditing and accounting. The company delivers the best services to its clients and has a powerful presence in UAE, especially in Dubai. The company’s team of auditing experts is a pioneer in providing the best quality management and accounting solutions.

  1. ADS Auditors

ADS Auditors is one of the most well-established and leading auditing firms in Dubai. ADS Auditors provides exceptional quality accounting and auditing solutions to its valued clients. The expertise that the team at ADS Auditors possesses is impeccable. 

  1. Hallmark Auditors

One of the best auditing firms in Dubai, Hallmark Auditors, has its operations and office in London, United Kingdom. Part of the emerging business capital of the world, Hallmark Auditors is distinguished by its unparalleled customer service, quality-oriented outlook, and customer-centric approach, which has given it a strong footing in UK and Dubai.

  1. Kothari Auditors and Accountants

Kothari Auditors and Accountants is one of the best professionally managed auditing, accounting, management, and financial consulting firms established in 1992. Led by a group of qualified, dynamic, and young professionals, Kothari Auditors and Accountants is one of the leading auditing firms in Dubai.

  1. Baker Tilly

A leading auditing firm in Dubai, Baker Tilly Middle East is a group that provides highly specific technical services to industries, service-level organisations, and businesses in advisory and consulting, and assurance. The company has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and it operates as a single firm through its offices in the Africa and Middle East region, which includes Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Seychelles.

  1. Kreston Menon

Retaining its position as the 13th largest accounting network worldwide in the World Survey rankings by the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB), Kreston Menon is a leading accounting and auditing firm in Dubai. Kreston Menon is part of the Kreston Global Network and brings to each of its clients the best global standards and practises.

  1. Xact Auditing

Xact Auditing is one of the most experienced and well-established audit firms in Dubai, UAE. Xact Auditing has over 25 years of professional expertise in the fields of audit services, VAT services, excise tax services, accounting services, and tax advisory services. The company provides its clients with all financial services under a single roof.

  1. KGRN Chartered Accountants

KGRN Chartered Accountants is one of the leading and best accounting and auditing firms in Dubai with the best industry practices. KGRN Chartered Accountants are pioneers in providing a broad spectrum of financial advisory services in Audit, Taxation, Payroll Advisory, and more. KGRN has been established in the UAE since 2007 and is one of the best auditing firms in Dubai. The company has emerged as a leading chartered accounting firm across the region, holding branch offices in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah. KGRN’s professional team of 100 members across group offices include CPAs, ACCAs, CAs, and Business Advisors.

Find the best audit firms in Dubai

In UAE, there are numerous audit companies that you can choose from. It is extremely important to take time to review the particulars of each company before deciding on one company. Make sure you can consider the expertise, experience and customer ratings of the company above all.